Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Proud Parents

We are now the proud parents of a grill. He or is it she, was born May 5, 2008 at 8pm. So yup, we now have a grill. André was trying to convince me to let him get one for a while now and I finally gave in. It isn’t anything special, just something to get the job done. Andy was so excited that right when he walked in the door with it he started ripping into the box and began putting it together. That is not quite what I was ready to have done then but you know men and their toys.

Gril lAssembly

We might crank it up this weekend because someone (not going to name names), is ready to try out the grill.

Helping Dad?

Watching Dad put the grill together

Quick Shot

Quick shot of Ian and I

Ian is now starting to stand more on his own. I caught him yesterday pulling a little box out of a cabinet and standing there trying to open it. It must have been about 1 full minute of standing. I am so proud of him!! It is taking a lot of time but that is okay. He will get it. I keep trying to get it on camera but I never have my camera with me and it is really hard to trick him into standing. I did get him to do it for a couple seconds today so the shot I got isn’t the greatest but you get the point.


Look closely, not touching..

I am gunna jump around today…There is a new drink out here called RedBull Cola and André brought some home yesterday so I took a taste. It has a pretty interesting flavor and is supposed to only have all natural ingredients. It was like having 5 different flavors all one right after the other and the last flavor ending in cherry. I think it is a drink that will have to grow on me.

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Hallie said...

Haha, I like the grill, Andy. When I come there you're gonna have to fix me some hot diggity dogs! I like the zoom-in on Ian's hand when he was standing up, hah. I'm glad hes learning! You can be Proud Parents indeed.