Monday, May 5, 2008


These are the times when you can really see God working in all his glory. My Grandfather had an uneventful surgery and woke up well. As of yesterday, he was in a lot of pain but that is to be expected and he is on his way to recovering back to his chipper self. My Visual Basic class is on its last week out of 8 weeks and I have been doing better than I could have ever imagined. I just might be looking at getting myself an “A” this semester! All the hard work has really paid off but I am not done yet, I still have one lesson and a final exam to complete.

With all the glorious things happening lately I decided that our home needed some more plants to liven things up. I picked up a few flowers to put in a window box, a tomato plant, and this plant that flowers but I am not sure what kind it is..I just thought it looked pretty.

New Plant

"The unknown flowering plant"

Tomato Plant

"Sad looking tomato plant with flowers"


"I am too lazy to open the door and take a picture..enjoy the window"

Seeds and Migros Plant

"The free plant we got and seedlings that are trying to grow"

I might go today and pick up this rose tree I saw because it looked so pretty and who wouldn’t want to have fresh roses everyday? The cactus that got freezer burned this summer needs to go and a rose tree would be a perfect replacement.

I just need to keep Ian out of all the plants. He has found a friend in the rocks outside, as they have turned into his new favorite snack. We might just need a fence there since he likes to hang outside but just can’t keep those hands out of things :-P

Ian 5-5-08

"Crawling away"

Ian 5-5-08

"Playing by the front door"

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Hallie said...

Haha silly Ian. You seem to really pay attention to God lately. That makes me happy to know you're taking comfort in something as great as Him. He sure has helped me through a lot as well. And dang has he helped you, hah. I think things ended up pretty well for you and I'm glad you have such a lovely, caring family in Switzerland to spend your time with. I'm looking forward to ME spending time with you now! :-P. Beautiful flowers, btw. I just got some at a nursery yesterday. I should take a picture of them for you...