Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How will I fly with a young toddler?

Opening gift on Mothers Day Opening gift on Mothers Day

Is the leg better yet? Nope, Ian still is not using it but he certainly is doing excellent finding ways to do his normal things. Now he has mastered going up the stairs with…One leg doing all the work. That is talent! Think I am joking? Have a look for yourself:

We might take him over the doctors if his leg still hasn’t healed more than it has by Friday. Other than a hurt leg, there is not too much going on around here. Still blah weather so I haven’t made that trip back out to Z├╝rich to grab the monkey hat. I hope it is still there when I get back or I might have a hatless momma meltdown!

Speaking of moms, I am starting to feel like I am a new Mom again. Our neighbors to the left and right have new babies and I am up at night when they are. When one finally stops crying I hear the other one or when I finally get almost back asleep the baby starts to cry again. It is time for me to grab some earplugs when I hit the grocery store today. Sadly it has to come to that.

On to happy things, it is less than two weeks till we travel! I have been scouring the internet for tips on keeping a young toddler in airplane peace. I have come across a lot of great ideas. So when I go out to the stores I am going to look for small cheap toys to give him, one for each hour of the flight. I also had my dear hubby put some Baby Einstein on his PSP but I am going to test that out on Ian before we go to see how he likes that, not totally sure if that will work. Other than those things the best I can do is provide him with snacks, walks up and down the aisle, and visits with flight attendants.

We did purchase him the CARES Saftey Belt because his Carseat will not fit the requirements plus who wants to drag a big seat onto a plane. I really love this belt because it is a 5-point harness that fits in with the airplane belt. It is a little difficult for me to explain but I will snap a shot of Ian in it on the flight. We will see how well it really works.


Shelliza said...

How long is your flight? I'm sure you'll be fine. Seems like you have it all figured out with the toys and the Baby Einstein videos.

pixie4bears said...

My flight is about 15hrs total including layover. Thanks..I hope they work!

Mom said...

OK, what was in the big green envelope????

pixie4bears said...

It is a sweatsuit and Swiss tshirt from his Gma S.

Hallie said...

Aww! Poor wittle Ianpoo!