Friday, September 26, 2008

My Expat Gal Pals

28/365: A Walk by the Lake of Zurich
28/365: The Lake of Zurich

The weekend is here, well almost! This means another week gone by. Ian had a blast this past Wednesday visiting his little friends and so did Mommy. The children’s fair that I suggested we all go to turned out to be a downer.

A Walk by the Lake of Zurich
Sobia, Jenny, and the child she is a Nanny for
A Walk by the Lake of Zurich
Daugther of Sobia

There were only 3 stands and another which had an author of a children’s book. She read to the children while you were able to go look at stuff. My son was too young for that so he decided to pull books off the tables instead and try to escape out the door. Okay, so it wasn’t all that bad. I did get two books and a music CD for Ian and some English greeting cards (so hard to find around here) for me. We ended up having bunches of time left over, which allowed us to have a nice walk along the lake. We all still had a blast but now one of my gals is going home to visit family for two months. We expats have got to do what we have to do, but I will still miss the company.

A Walk By the Lake of Zurich

Tomorrow my Mother-in-law is going to take Ian so we can get some things done... like search for a new T.V. stand! Wahoo finally, we really need something that Ian can’t get into as much and a place for me to put books and my collectables. Going to have to be a big ole’ thing!!

Ian Hanging in the Stroller

Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Writers Block..Agh!

Did everyone have a good weekend? We sure did. Like I said on the last post, we went out to the park as a family and it was really enjoyable and not too cold! I took way too many here they are:

A Day in the Park

A Day in the Park

A Day in the Park

25/365: A Day in the Park


A Day in the Park

Other than my usual week, I haven’t been up to much. A lot of due dates in school this week. An accounting project (finished!), history paper, and quizzes galore. That’s pretty much it for me as I am having writers block and I know you aren’t in for reading a bunch of blah blah. So, I will spare you. Happy Tuesday!

A day in the Park

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Kid Rocks

TGIS! I am so happy it is Saturday, because I get to spend the time with my two men. Today we plan to go out to the park and have a light lunch. I am just happy the sun decided to pop out yesterday after almost a whole week of overcast, rainy, and cold. It still is cool outside but who cares because the sun is out!!! This also equals more photo moments.. doubly wahoo!

Ian Chilling on the fireplace

Hanging out at his favorite spot, the fireplace.

Jumping into my week this week, I meet with Sobia (expat mom) again and also another expat mother, Jenny. We had a grand time at a semi-local community children’s place. Ian really enjoyed it because it was a room full of toys and kids and I loved it because I was able to chitchat with the ladies while not having to worry too much about Ian getting into trouble. Next week I have it planned for us to go to a kid’s fair that I saw advertised online. They are supposed to have some kid’s activities, opportunities to buy English children’s books and learn about other things for the kids. Let’s hope it is as good as they say.

Ian resting in the park

I am going to leave out the 365 pictures (that are not Ian) this post and just show you some of Ian from the week. Have a Spiffy Weekend!

Ian with the Keys

24/365: Fun with Computers

24/365:Playing a computer game (toddler and infant games here)

Oh, and if anyone has an idea why my 17 month old boy wont take naps and wakes up 3-4 times a night now..let me know!

Ian being Ian

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Product Review: Scrapbooks by Jan

Today I am going to do something a little out of my norm. I usually product review mass produced children’s products but I couldn’t pass this one up: Scrapbooks! Not just any scrapbook but ones made out of paper bags and acrylic. These albums are the 21st century way to go and show off you fantastic photos. (Note: Some pictures are cut off due to the large size. I just wanted you to see the detail so that is why they are large)




Each album is completely premade so all you have to do is slide your pictures in the slot. What is better than not having to spend hours of work and mess to show off your pictures!


So what else makes up these beautiful albums? Top quality long lasting paper, fancy charms, colorful ribbon, and hand created characters. Yes that’s right, I said hand created. This woman is so crafty she creates cute characters in some of her albums and makes each one full of detail, rosy cheeks, glitter and all!


Here is what she says about the Construction of her work:

"I especially take pride in the construction of my albums and pages. All items are adhered using strong adhesives appropriate for paper or textiles. I don't want anything coming apart or falling off! I usually use an entire roll of 3-M Gold tape in just one paper bag album! You also won't see any glue or tape oozing out where it doesn't belong. If you purchase one of my paper bag albums, you will see for yourself why I use so much adhesive; as every single fold of each bag is attached back to itself for strength. Almost all of my pages and mats are machine sewn, not just for appearance, but for durability. Threads are pulled to the back and knotted or glued so they won't come out. I use lots of ribbons, and the ends of every single one are heat-sealed so they don't ravel. Also, if there is a hole in a tag, it will have either an eyelet or other reinforcement so that rips don't occur."

Also each album is one-of-a-kind. Her vow is to never make one exactly like the other. Fantastic! Something even more fantastic..she even makes single pages so you can frame one (I have a daddy one), or you can add it to a scrapbook of your own.

These albums start at a pretty low price so you just might get a super deal, but I have to say each one of her albums always go for a super deal because she puts so many days of work into them 30,40,50, or 60 dollars is almost nothing!


So are you interested now? She has one up for sale as I speak: Go ahead.. Click Here!

Not feeling that season? You can check back with her page because she is constantly making new ones.


Have a Scrappy Tuesday!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Week in Photographs

My blogging has slowed down lately. Why? Oh, I have just been busy with school, meeting other expats, and taking care of the family. Should I blog more, probably…just need a kick in the butt. Would anyone like a free shot? Haha.

So I am a whole week behind in showing you my 365. Hard to believe, but I have been keeping up with that and now have reached day 20! I am feeling proud.

So here we go (my week at a glance)…

Monday 13/365.. We went to have a visit with a lovely expat named Sobia and her two year old daughter, An'amta. We hit it off really well. We have so much in common like, meeting our Husbands online, photography addicts, love to travel, and have children close to the same age.

13/365: An'amta Playing in the Sand

Here is an extra of this cutie..

An'amta in the Sand

Tuesday 14/365..I was moody. PMS in full force (my poor hubby!!, thanks for staying positive). Oh how I hate love being a woman.

14/365: Feeling a little Blue

Wednesday 15/365.. My Husband and I were joking around that we wouldn’t live to see this full day due to the LHC (Large Hadron Collider Project) starting up in Geneva, Switzerland. I am still concerned about its outcomes..

15/365: I'm still alive!

Thursday 16/365..We headed out to meet my expat friend, Sobia, again and some others. Sobia and I were the only ones to show so we spent another fun filled afternoon with the kids in the park. Ian found it a blast to climb up and down the stairs almost the whole time..

16/365: Ian Resting in the Park

and to play "Where in the World is Ian?"

Were in the world is Ian?

Friday 17/365. My usual day around the home..lots of studying for my degree, which sometimes feels like a never ending process.

17/365: Hitting the Books

Saturday 18/365.. A rainy cold day here, so what did we do?? Play with dry ice in the bathtub!

18/365: Family in the Bathroom Fog

Sunday 19/365.. Another rainy cold day spent relaxing with my two men.

19/365: Sundays

Monday 20/365..Here we are at today. Another usual day at home for me. My Hubby found this drink at the store yesterday and I just had to try it because the name was just too funny. It actually is a pretty good energy drink despite the silly name.

20/365: A little Pimpjuice?

Whew! What a week, thanks for reading.

Happy Monday to you All!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Why So Happy?

Just a quickie post for today. My weekend was a nice, enjoyable time with the Hubby and Ian. Friday night my Husband and I went to see the Dark Knight movie and to say in the least, it was very disturbing. I can’t get the Joker’s image out of my head taking the knife to peoples faces and saying “Why so sad?”. Why did they advertise this movie so much for kids when it clearly isn’t for children?

Here is a toy of the joker I received in a children’s cereal box:

The Joker Toy Without Texture

11/365: The Joker Toy

Even that is a scary looking toy.

Anyways, Sunday I went to the Expat Expo and gathered a lot of useful information and bought a few American Food items.

12/365: Ian @ the Expat Expo

12/365: Ian at the Expat Expo

Nothing better than a good container of cheese balls! Yum Yum. I found a Baptist Church that speaks only English. I think I might visit one day soon but they are a little out of the way. But as my Dad puts it, I’ve got to “go get my religion.” Haha. If they have the expo again I will for sure go. Even though it was so crowded we could barely walk or use the stroller and I had sweat pouring like a river, it was fun.


Ian playing with his book. Sorry so blurry, he was moving a lot

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcome to the..

Welcome to the weekend..wahoo! I have some pretty fun stuff coming up in the next few days. Lets see.. tonight I actually get to go to the movie theatre and see a movie with my Hubby, Saturday I get my Beans aka Ian back from his Grandma (although I have loved the break, I miss him soo much!), Sunday I am going to an expat-expo, and Monday I get to meet two English speaking Mommies and their children. Exciting!

I am unsure what movie we are going to go see tonight since Hubby is working a little late but none the less I am excited to just spend that time with him and my 2nd love, movie theatre popcorn..yum!

The expo should be interesting. I heard about it through a Swiss family forum I am subscribed to. It is a way for expats to connect with their city (sadly it isn’t the city I am from). They will have stands for doctors, churches, restaurants, stores, etc..and prizes and tons of free stuff! You can’t beat that. Plus, I can register for an absentee ballot. There is now way I am going to miss the big upcoming election. J

For the mommy meeting, I was going through another Swiss expat forum and found some ladies on there looking to meet other English speaking mommies. It just so happens one of the ladies has a 2year old daughter. Can we say perfect playmate for Ian! I am excited but hope that I will connect well with these women. We shall see.

For those keeping up with my 365, here are the pictures from the last 4 days:

7/365: In the Mood for the Noodle?

7/365: In the mood for noodle I made some :)

8/365: Hard as Metal

8/365: I am feeling so stiff and knoted in my shoulders lately so I thought this conveyed the pain I am feeling. (picture of the stove vent)

9/365: Swiss Bread

9/365: I am still eating the yummy noodle soup and nothing like adding fresh Swiss bread

10/365: Dirty Clothes..oh my!

10/365: Way too much laundry to do!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Making a Home Feel Like a Home

Is it really Wednesday already? Boy, how time flies when you are not having fun. Ian sure is keeping up well with his title of Toddler, one second I will see him on one side of the room and the next he will be on the other side sitting in the fireplace. Oh how I love my little man. Sorry, hard not to get a little sentimental.

Thoughts jumping again, I have been back into trying to get the house looking more like a home. I hung up the last of the signs we bought this Summer and it really adds a lot to the kitchen. These signs are just way too cute..

6/365:My Kitchen Signs

6/365: My Kitchen wall signs

I also put up the garden flag I bought back home (will get a picture today to post later). I just hope that no one decides to vandalize it because I seem like the only one putting up something in their shrubs. Fingers Crossed!

I have so much more I want to do to the home like get a full wall T.V stand. I really need an area that Ian can’t get into, a place to showcase my breakables, etc. Who knows when that will happen? I also have another set of pictures to put up. My nails decided to bend in the wall (hard concrete Swiss walls), so I need to get some holes drilled. Blah! At some point, right?

Anyways, here is the rest of my 365 for the past few days…

5/365: Cremeschnitte Cake

5/365: Cremeschnitte favorite Swiss dessert with sugar topping and creme layers.

4/365: Legotron aka Hammertron

4/365: Legotron aka Hammertron

The Hubby was playing legos with Ian and built a figure that looked like it was doing the MC Hammer dance so he dubbed it the Hammertron.

3/365: Ian with Daddy's Phone

3/365: Ian with Daddy's Phone