Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am off to the George Michael Concert!

Today is finally the day of the Concert and I am so excited. I just thought I would post something funny! **warning..British Humor: You may not want to watch this infront of the kids.

George Michael on the Little Britian Show

Lou asks Andy who he wants to invite for his birthday... From a special episode for Comic Relief.

TOM BAKER: After an enjoyable day sitting on a bench, Lou is taking Andy home for his dinner.

LOU: Now, I know it's your birthday coming up, and I thought we could do something special. So I booked a table at the Harvester.

ANDY: Yeah I know.

LOU: Is there anyone you'd like me to invite?

ANDY: George Michaels.

LOU: You want me to invite George Michaels?

ANDY: Yeah.

LOU: We don't know him.

ANDY: Yeah I know.

LOU: Well, I don't think he'd come. Anyway, I thought you didn't like George Michaels, I thought you said that, "Jesus to a Child" aside, you found his output emotionally vapid.

ANDY: Yeah I know.

LOU: Well let's invite someone else instead. How about your brother Declan?

ANDY: George Michaels!

LOU: Oh my sweet saviour!


LOU: So birthday boy, what would you like for your main?

ANDY: I want that one.

LOU: Ice cream... and, er what do want for your pudding?

ANDY: That one.

LOU: Garlic bread, okay. Uhm, ooh! I must just get something out of the van! Wait there.


LOU: Well! Hi Mr. Michaels! Well, you know! Oh! Ha ha! Well, you're here! Thank you so much for coming, he's going to be chuffed to bits.

GEORGE MICHAEL: That's quite alright. You know I like to my bit, you know.

LOU: Yeah, very nice of you. Uhm, Andy! I've got a surprise for you! This is George Michaels!



GEORGE MICHAEL: Er , nice to meet you!


GEORGE MICHAEL: Happy birthday!

ANDY: I don't like him. I want him to go. I prefer Tony Hadley.

LOU: I'm sorry Mr. Michaels, I'm sorry.

ANDY: Tell him that "Jesus to a Child aside", I find his output emotionally vapid.

LOU: Did you get that George?

GEORGE MICHAEL: Yeah, thank you!

Product Review: Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld

It is that time again. Yes the one you all know, product review time! A little less than a month ago I was viewing the Oprah Show (love it!) and she was starring Jessica Seinfeld. Woah Woah now, what does she have to offer..isn’t she just the wife of what is his name? Oh yes, Jerry Seinfeld. To my surprise she came out with a cookbook called Deceptively Delicious.

32/365: Deceptive Dishes

Lets hide those veggies!

This book is all about, getting the family to eat their daily veggies and fiber. They had her showing brownies with veggies and tacos with hidden veggies. How did she sell it to me? She had a classroom of kiddos try them and then after they said how good it was, revealed that there were veggies in it. I had to go out and grab the book and try it for myself.

First off you need to make your purees! She tells you everything you need to make them, how to prepare each veggie, and store them. It is a little time consuming but you should set aside a time each month and make a big pile and store them in the freezer, just grab one and pop it in the food.

I made the Noodle Soup and Tofu Nuggets for dinner. Both a complete…HIT! For the soup I had sweet potato and cauliflower completely in disguise. It looked like plain soup with chicken, noodles, and broth. Very tasty!

Noodle Soup

Noodle Soup

Let me say a little something about the Tofu Nuggets; they were VERY GOOD but hard to make. I had trouble getting the peas to stick and then trouble getting the breadcrumbs to stick to the peas so it wasn't really masked. But what they hey, everyone ate them up! Sometimes it is not all about the masking but how it is presented. Finger foods, I found, can be an easy thing to get the family to eat because you just pop it in.

Tofu Nuggets With Peas

Tofu Nuggets

For dessert I tried the Angel Food Cake Muffins (with squash) and Icing (with carrot). My muffins decided not to rise and I added too much salt into the icing, The muffins didn’t taste too bad and Ian ate them up..so I call them my muffin tops. The icing, well I just had to dump it. We all have our failures!

Angel Food Cake Muffin Disaster

Angel Food Cake muffin disaster.

For all you that think you cannot make homemade meals, I think you won’t have any trouble with this book. It is all made easy. You can even pop your veggies in some packaged meals if you are pinched for time.

You’ll enjoy all the comments and tips for a healthy way of eating in the book. I give this book TWO thumbs up and I for sure will keep on being Deceptively Delicious with my veggies.

Ian Eating Deceptive Veggies

Ian enjoying his tofu nuggets.

**If you are worried that these recipes won't taste good, head on over to Oprah's website and try a couple of them out yourself. :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

When You Know You Are Being Watched Over

It is hard to believe how lucky Ian and I were yesterday. We were headed on our way to my Grandparents home to attend a B&W company picnic for my Grandpa but we ran into trouble, literally. Going down the main highway, I saw this car make a turn around in a side street. Instead of stopping to look before she pulled out she just went right in front of me. This was the first accident I have ever been in so it really shook me up. When I got out of the car, checked the damage and the lady got out of her car I asked if she was okay, she was so then I asked for insurance information. This is when my stupidness came out…I wasn’t thinking (maybe from adrenaline) and didn’t call the police. So I got her information and we left.

31/365: My Car Accident Damage

"Hard to believe that this is all I ended up with"

When I started driving down the road that’s when I realized I should have called. So I pulled over and called. The officer said in VA if the damage is under 1,000 dollars, and you have left the scene then it doesn’t need to be reported. Blah..why didn’t I think to call so she could get a moving violation. No wonder she was in a hurry to get out of there. I guess this proves the story of my Dad, when he got into an accident he got out of the car and just started to walk right into the major highway..not even thinking.

My Car Accident Damage

I just keep thinking back if I didn’t put the brakes on when I did she really would have been creamed and also if I didn’t let up on the brakes when I felt the car start to sway we probably would have rolled over. Someone is really watching out for Ian and I. Praise the LORD!

My Car Accident Damage

Enough negativity..we still headed out to the picnic and had fun even though we were sweating bucket loads.

Hanging at the Picnic

"Ian with his crazy hair because I was putting water on him to cool him down"

Ian ate all the junk food he could possibly ever want. The great thing about the picnic is free everything. They have an ice cream truck on site and you just go up and get as much ice cream as you desire. It was great to be able to spend that time with my Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle.

Hanging at the Picnic

"Me and Ian"

Hanging at the Picnic..My Family!

"My Uncle and Grandpa"

Hanging at the Picnic

"My Grandma"

Leaving the Picnic

"Leaving the picnic"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh for the love of cars..

Playing with toy Barn

The other day I took Ian to a local museum, Amazement Square, with my friends Tiffany and Hallie.

Tiffany, Hallie, and Ian

Every 2nd and 3rd Weds. are 2 dollar days, so I had to take advantage of that. Too bad way too many kids were running around so Ian was almost getting trampled but he still did really enjoy himself.

Big Puzzle!

Ian walking in the heart

29/368: Ian walking in the heart


We will for sure be going back! After that we had ourselves a little adventure. My car decided it didn’t want to start up so I called my Dad for help. For some reason my car likes him more than me :-P He was busy with work, so we had to wait awhile, and I couldn’t really keep Ian in the car due to the heat.


We spent our time watching the kids at the skate park, playing around with some things in the car, and checking out the scenery. A big thunderstorm decided it wanted to come up on us so I was praying my Dad would get there soon. Once he got there he couldn’t get it started (by this time my Mom and Sister had arrived to help me pass the time), so he sent them back to get the other car (since theirs was only a two seater), then 5 minutes after they left and before it started to pour rain he got it to start. Thank the Lord!

Playing In Car

Jumping around again, my camera filters and remote arrived yesterday! Jump for joy! I can’t wait to really try them out.

30/365: New Filters and Remote!

"30/365:Circular Polarizer, UV Protector, Warming Filters, and Canon Remote"

4 days till I go to the George Michael Concert..

31/365: 4 days till the George Michael Concert!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Food Prices That Empty The Wallet

Ian walking and talking

Remember that little quilt giveaway I posted about? Poor little me didn’t win but I know it now has a good home! I better keep my fingers crossed that she will give another one away at some point!

So what do you all think about the rising grocery prices? Pretty horrible, right? I popped into Food Lion the other day because my little milk chugger needed more milk.

28/365: Ian the Milk Chugger


To my surprised it was $5.24 for a gallon of 2% milk! $5.24!!!!!! Ouch that really is going to hurt my wallet. By mid-afternoon he was getting pretty close to half the jug. I just have to remember it isn’t near as bad as the formula prices. Thank goodness for no more formula!!!

As you can see, I am still keeping up the pictures (go me!). My assignment for last week was a picture of punk rock, summertime, and cloning. I didn’t get to the cloning one but the other two were easy. The summertime one was a previously posted one:

25/365: Twirl Ride

I have to brag..I got one CU Favorite (awards given out for the best that week)

And of course I had to go to my best friend “Guitar Hero” for Punk Rock…



This weeks new assignments:

Assignment 1. Posterize. Take a photo and transformit into an illustration. Painting, drawing, or even an illustration for a comic. I'll post a tutorial later today. ( I will have to wait until he posts a tutorial. :)Tag with cuwk15/1, cuAssignment

2. I feel bad a bout some of these ideas I've been coming up with lately, I feel like I'm phoning it in! So show us a picture of telecommunications. A huge part of our life these days, and surely there's a need for some great stock around this topic. Phone it in! Tag with cuwk15/2, cuAssignment

3. Roads: Many of us drive on them every day. Can you take an interesting photograph of one?Tag with cuwk15/3, cu

Roads, yes! I have really been wanting to try this one. Now is my chance.

Pretty much nothing else super cool going on in my neck of the woods. Just cooking dinner for my parents, studying German, enjoying evening storms, and taking way to many pictures. Love it though! Hope you all are enjoying your Summer!

My Mom's Flower

My Mom's Flower

My Mom's Flower

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Fab Giveaway!

So I found this giveway and had to post about it to 1. Get extra entries to win it and 2. so you can see just how beautiful the QUILT is (and just maybe you might see it in time to enter). I can't believe this is being given away.

-Do not worry all my blog fans...I will try to post with more pictures tonight!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Evenings at the Fair

25/365: Twirl Ride


I am loving Summer evenings! Tonight we went out to the local Fireman’s Fair, which helps to raise money for our fire dept. Seeing Ian look at the rides for the first time was priceless.

Ian amazed at the rides

He was in awe and wanted to see how they worked. He and I would finish riding the ride then he would be touching everywhere to check it out. It was hard to tell if he like the ride because he didn’t squeal but I think he did.

Ian's First Ride

Ian's First Ride

It was nice to be able to spend some time with my mom on the Ferris Wheel and the added bonus is we only had to spend 4 tickets on a 5 ticket ride and we rode for at least 10minutes! ChaChing!

Mom and I on the Ferris Wheel

My sister wasn’t into riding much since she gets sick on spinney things but I found the slide to go on with her. My first time hopping in a bag and going down a slide. It was a blast but didn’t last long enough.

Sisters down the slide

Sisters down the slide

Too bad I couldn't get my Dad to ride any rides, but he did pay for them and took the pictures of us on the Ferris Wheel and the slide. Thanks Dad!

Of course when you go to a fair you have to grab yourself a funnel cake (my Mom’s fav.) This is one of the biggest one’s I have ever seen!

Funnel Cake

Funnel Cake

Overall, it was a great evening and the time you get to spend with your family is the times you really cherish. I wish my Hubby could have been there though. Miss you!

Off topic (as usual!), it was time to get Ian some new shoes because little feet just grow too fast. It had to be the famous Chucks!

24/356: Ian's First Converse Shoes


I picked him up one in red for his size now and the one in the next size in black. You can’t go wrong with a classic shoe.

Speaking of things I got him, I picked him up a Wall-E shirt for $4!! It is not so much that he likes Wall-E but that his Mom saw the movie trailer and fell in love with all that mechanical robot cuteness.

Ian and his Wall-e Shirt

"Some of the front"

Now I can go up to Ian and say “Come here WALL-E.” Haha, I know I am crazy. Maybe it is the way they say Wall-E in the commercial with the emphasis on the e. Whatever it is. I had to bring my child into it.

Ian and his Wall-e Shirt

"The Back"

For all you keeping up with my 365..Here is one

23of365: Porch Spider
23/365: Porch Spider

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I can do Bokeh! But can US Air fly?

I hope you all are having a great Wednesday. Mine has gone alright. I think I finally have Bokeh photography almost down pat. A few days ago I took a picture of Ian

Ian and the Lawnmower cart

CU assignment for Rust

and noticed I accidently did it so I really tried for it today and shabam!

22/365: Please tell me that is lower than yesterday

Look at my Bokeh!

I think bokeh is going to be a must in almost all my photos. Very addicting.

Other than all my photographyness I have not been up to too much. Sunday evening I went out to see my cousin again. Ian had a blast sharing again and I got in more baby holding. haha.

Ian and TJ

Ian and TJ

Ian and TJ

My Grandpa, Ian, TJ, and me

Me, Ian, Grandpa, and TJ

Monday, my friend Hallie and I spent a whole day together fishing, eating a nice lunch, and movie watching. It was great to spend that time with her even if we didn’t catch a single fish. Not our fault if the fish just don’t seem hungry!

Time for me to talk about the news… This evening I was doing my normal news watching and they were talking about how US Air has started carrying less fuel in their international flights. They are apparently giving the pilots the options but are pushing them to ask for less fuel. Are they crazy? They only carry 45 minutes of extra fuel. Any less than that..well, I just wouldn’t want to risk my life on that flight. What do you all think about this? Scary? Instead of doing this, why aren’t we working more on fuel alternatives for flights.

Enough of me complaining, here are more photos for your viewing pleasure..

21/365: Cookies!!

21/365: Ian's first cookie

20/365: Loving my new earrings

20/365: A lady needs new earrings sometimes

19/365: My shadow telling me to take a wiff

19/365: My shadow telling me to check the armpits. Way too hot outside!

Ian Playing in the Yard

Ian Playing in the Yard