Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hurt child and a Mommy breakdown

I was going to blog about something else but I will save that for the next post. I am just not in the mood to be too peppy. I think all of us Moms have our moments where we feel like we aren’t good mothers or worthy of being a mom. I think I am having my moment.

Last night Ian got another hurt. This time he cut his finger and when fingers get cut it is hard to stop the bleeding. I picked him up out of the bath to dry him off and I saw some blood and then saw his finger, he was bleeding a lot but did not seem to care. I was trying my best to keep the pressure on his finger but it was really hard with a toddler who does not want you to hold their hand back from exploring.

First Hurt

My husband called his parents. Thank goodness for his parents. His mom helped me to distract Ian awhile so we could keep the pressure on his finger. After about an hour we got it to stop and applied the band-aid (that actually stayed that time).

First Hurt

All is okay now..I think he found my shaving blade that was hidden in the soap container. I really learned from that. I guess I am just in the middle of a momma breakdown..I am sure I will pop out of it soon. I just hope that Ian can keep himself out of trouble long enough to make it to the US. Kids are walking disasters waiting to happen!

For all you parents out there, what crazy thing has your child done that hurt them?


Lauren said...

Even though I'm not a parent, I can sure share some stories.
I think Andy needs to hear the story about how I was going around on a broken leg for a week and Mom and Dad thought I was pretending, and I refused to put on my artificial leg, saying it didn't fit. They finally realized it when Dad forced me to put on the leg and then it got stuck.

Kids get hurt and parents make mistakes, but getting allupset doesn't help anything.

Shelliza said...

Stop being so hard on yourself. I've been there so I know how terrible the guilt and inadequate you're feeling. You can't look at them all day, especially when they start moving and getting into all sorts of stuff.
Connor's most recent stunt was when he was jumping on the couch. He did a back flip and ended up with a cut on his head, about an inch long.
I believe that boys have an exceptional amount of energy so you'll get used to dealing with these situations. Maybe it's time to childproof. Hope you're feeling better.

shaz said...

awww, poor little kiddie... don't worry about it tho, these things happen. and thank god they don't have very good memories! take care of yourself.

Fiona said...

Poor Boy .. cut his finger ...
Anyway my own experience with my daughter, one day I was driving and I forgot (huhu .. my fault!) to buckle her baby chair .. and she fell down when i hit the brake. So she got a cut on her head and a lot of blood .. just imagine i was crying all the way to the paed and she said "Mum I'm fine".. The next day my Hubby bought a new booster seat for her ... (still can't forget abt it..)

Hallie said...

Oh wow, Lisa. I'm glad he didn't hurt himself more than he did! You can be thankful for that. And yes, we all learn from our mistakes, so I'm sure you should be fine for at least a little while longer until he finds something else to get into, hah. Crazy toddlers, you gotta keep an eye on them all the time...