Saturday, August 30, 2008

Time for a Fresh Start

I am proud to announce that I have restarted my 365. For all those that may have missed my first attempt or are not sure what it is, basically it’s a picture a day for a year. Why did I fail at my first time? Probably because my busy travel 5,000+ miles overseas has gotten in the way and so many other little details of life. I can do it this time and I have the faith in myself. So here you are..the first two days:

1/364: A little Polish?

"1/365: Finally got around to painting my nails since..well a year"

2/364: Ian Looking too Cute
"2/365: Ian playing with the curtains (still)"

Ian has been a busy boy, playing and getting into more trouble. Who knew that it was a full time job!

Playing in the Backyard

Playing in the Backyard

Playin inthe Backyard

Each and every time I see him enjoying him self and make that smile where all his face muscles get involved it brings a little tear to my eye. So precious!

Oh yes did I mention I have a climber..

Climbing the Patio Chair

Let me skip around.. I have tomatoes! Remember when I told you all about my first little tomato plant? Well it has gone from this..

Tomato Plant

To this..

My First Tomato Plant

and giving me a lot of this..

Tomato off my First Tomato Plant

Yum! Yes I am all excited over tomatoes but hey my plant survived my Hubby taking care of it while I was we both did good.

I am off to enjoy my little one..hope you do the same too!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Happened to my Angel?

Thank you to all my readers who stuck with me through my bloggy vacation.

Life has slowed back down to its normal pace. Last Sunday we spent the afternoon at the park. It amazed me how much Ian has grown in the past few months. He was able to run around and really enjoy the things at the park. Playing in the sand..

Daddy and Ian in the Sand

"Daddy protecting him from a bee"

but his favorite thing ended up being the playhouse.


Could he have been more cute? Haha

Actually he has been acting pretty un-cute lately. I am not sure if it is age or what, but he is having fits and way to many. Usually they go with he is unsatisfied with something so he starts to whine and cry then sometimes screams then he throws himself on the floor and screams.

Ian's Snot Face After a Fit

"The snot rolling after a fit"

I ignore it as much as I can but it sure does not seem to be working yet. He had one the other day because he shut his own baby gate door and that made him mad. I left him to cry for awhile then I needed to go downstairs so I picked him up and he bit me. Also he has started pinching. Is this just a phase? What happened to my good little boy? It seems like every little thing that doesn’t go exactly his way he has a fit about..even at breakfast this morning. Someone help me bring this little angel back…

Ian in the Playhouse

Playing in the Playhouse

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quick Catch up :)

Me in Luzern

Me in Luzern, Switzerland

I guess I have taken a blogger holiday without even realizing it! Even my photography has been slacking. My 365 has gone down the drain (maybe I should restart). So much has gone on and life has been busy. Ian and I have made back home to Switzerland and are trying to get back into our normal schedule as best as we can. My Uncle Jon decided to come back with us and visit. So far, having him here has been very enjoyable and gotten me out of my normalness (is that even a word?) to see the beauty of Switzerland.

Never in my life had I experienced something so breathtaking. Just take a look at this and tell me what you think:


This is Mount Pilatus, which stands 7,000 feet tall and is a 30 minute cogwheel ride straight up. There is nothing like standing above the clouds or being where the birds fly. Speechless!

Pilatus Mtn Cable Car

Cogwheel up Mt. Pilatus

Other than sightseeing, I have started school up again with my first Accounting class ever. Can we say…Scary! The first week has not been too tough yet but looking through the book I can tell it is going to be crazy. Wish me luck.

I wish that I had more time to catch you up but a lot to do this week. I will let my pictures do all the speaking for me..

Me and Andre on Pilatus

Pilatus Mtn Fog

Horn on Pilatus Mtn

The Group @ Pilatus Mtn.

Luzern Bridge

Luzern, Switzerland

Ian going through the Kiddy Cave

Ian in the Kiddy Cave at Kings Dominion

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Being Busy

I have been a bad blogger! Life has been keeping me pretty busy but I am still here! I will write a meaningful post soon.

For now I would love to share with you a little something I find funny..

My Mother Scares Me Comedy By Chonda Pierce