Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I saw the Sun

Horses in Einsiedeln
Horses pulling a buggy in Einseideln

Okay so I didn’t get to Einseideln Monday as planned since no one could watch Ian but…… we did get to go yesterday. Let me say, I was so happy to see the beautiful sunshine again. Zurich has been covered in the normal winter fog so every day seems so blah and cold outside; Einseideln was just high enough above the fog.


Using my Macro as a medium Telephoto Lens, Top of Einseideln

My Mom really enjoyed the church and an Apple Cinnamon Crepe at the local café. I was ecstatic to see bouillon soup with crepe strips on the menu (my latest craving). The soup is just perfect with the Swiss bread. My Husband always giggles when he sees me ripping and dipping. I think that is why I had to pull out my Bella Band today..maybe I've been eating a bit too much. *gasp*

Einsiedeln Horses

Oh my..yes it is New Years Eve, soo HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE. Tonight we are going to have a meal at the In-Laws than go out to Zurich to watch the fireworks. I am hoping to get some good pictures, but we’ll see.. I might just be soo frozen. It is that time to pull out the long underwear. Well, time for me to get back to the 9 loads of laundry (grr, why did our laundry day have to be today) waiting for me.

Goodbye 2008!

Candle in the Wind

Candle at a local Einseideln Shop

Monday, December 29, 2008

Can we do it? Yes we can!

Daddy Time

The past couple days we have been chilling about. Yesterday we were going to head out to Einsiedlen, but my In-Laws pipe in the basement started to leak so we headed out to Zurich to have a nice Swiss Lunch (beef broth soup and Macaroni and Cheese with potatoes for me). I was amazed at how well Ian did with sitting in the restaurant, but he did stay busy cheesing up the ladies at the next table.

Ian eating Grandmas Cookie

Eating Grandmas Cookie

We then went to visit the Swiss National Museum. There was sooo much to see, I don’t think we even got to look at half of it. The babies decided to give me some pain, my guess is from walking, so we headed out. I did get to try the Ergo carrier there, since they do not allow strollers… and I am so pleased! Ian rode on my back for a little and he felt so light. If it weren’t for my full bladder I would have kept him on the whole time. I will for sure look into getting that for the Twins. They have a carrier called Beco out there that they say is better than the Ergo. Now only if they weren’t so darn expensive.

HaHa silly kid

Today we are going to try to get to see Einsiedlen again, since I think my mom will really enjoy it. Fingers crossed for no more leaky pipes.. Or we'll be sad...

Ian being Ian

Friday, December 26, 2008

Welcome Back: Part Two

I hope everyone had a great holiday. We have been enjoying having my Mom visit.

These Boots Were Made For Walking

This was her first Swissmas ( Swiss Christmas ). Here they like to celebrate on Christmas Eve so we made a cheese fondue dinner for everyone.

Ian and Viva Pinata Game

On Christmas we had the usual U.S. morning festivities of gathering under the tree to see what Santa brought. Ian really enjoyed the ripping of the paper more this year. It was hard work to keep him from ripping our gifts open..haha. Santy brought him a Kitchen and Lego Train set. From his grandparents a boy doll, build your own puppet, sweater, wood train toy, and stuffed lamb. He also got a nice cough…so we are working on getting that gone.


Opening Gifts

Stanta also treated me well; blessed me with a Macro 100mm f 2.8 Canon lens. I had to pop that sucker right on the camera to finish our Christmas pictures and let me tell you what..the macro is just AMAZING! My parents also got us a mini USB video camera, HD quality. I will have to get our video up soon. Thank you all for everything you have done for our family and lets not forget the reason for the Season :).

My mom and our new Video Camera

My mom wth the Flip camera.

I will finish you out with pictures of the past few days.

Ian Playing in the Kitchen

New wood toy

Andy w/ USB Homer

The rest of the pictures are located on flickr.

Welcome to all of my new readers!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Twins 11weeks 4days Video

Twins 11weeks 4days Video
Originally uploaded by mrs.steiger
The Twins Ultrasound at 11 Weeks and 4days

Welcome Back: Part One

Ian's Snow Day

How long have I been MIA now? We’ll please forgive me…I have had plenty of complaints since I have been gone, missing all the updates of our lives. So here I am. Lets make this a two part-er update. So PART ONE:

The Family is mostly all well. My Hubby has been feeling bad (not the best around Christmas, but whatcha going to do?). Ian is growing fast in his language skills. It sounds like he comes out with a new word everyday. He really understands a lot. How do they go from needing you for everything to being independent so fast. I miss my little baby!

School has finished for this semester and I passed with flying colors. It is nice to be in the break period where I can enjoy my family more and not have the stress of due dates on my back.

Okay so quick skip to my big news…

I’m expecting two little ones.

I found out in November and will be due in June but I doubt I will last that long! So these might be May babies. As of tomorrow I will be 14 weeks and it has passed by so fast. I am just glad to be out the morning sickness window. Why do twins seem to make everything worse? Oh well, they are a blessing and I am looking forward to the big changes it will bring to our family. It is exciting but scary. So much to think about! Do I need two of this? What kind of double stroller to get? Birthing two..ohh my!! Anyways, here are pictures and video!

8 weeks

The Twins 11w4d

11 weeks

The Twins 11w4d

The Twins 11w4d

-Video in Post Above

Stay Tuned for Part Two!

Hello Mom!