Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blowing with Pouty Lips

One More Day!

It is Day 1 of moving tomorrow, yes tomorrow!! Finally the day is almost here. I am ready to get out of this tornado mess and into my next mess which I can finally put back in order. Last night our bed and closets were taken apart. That was the first time I have slept on a floor mattress. I actually kind of like it but it looks like a bachelor’s bedroom. So with that, I will definitely go back to the bed frame.
Tonight Ian will have to sleep in his pack-n-play since we will be taking his crib down tonight. I hope this won’t affect his sleep any cause mommy needs all the sleep she can get. I am feeling really rundown lately, hopefully the new place will be the pick me up I have been needing!
Ian has been more talkative lately. It is sounding like he is saying sentences but in baby language. Does this mean he will start popping out with more real words soon? Let’s hope!!

Two days ago I had the Oscars on in the background and caught Ian watching so I thought it would be a good snapshot moment and I happened to take the photo at just the right time..


What is George doing?

I must get going to clean up all the trash we have laying around. I will post a video of Ian doing his funny lip thing above. He pouts his lips and blows air,it is too cute (ignore my blowing and silly talking)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Helping Mommy Pack

André, Ian, and I have been busy packing this past weekend and we tore this place up, literally. Think I am joking? Have a look for yourself..enjoy the tour!!

First off we are at the Kitchen..

Moving Mess

Please step over to the Office...

Moving Mess

Here we are at the Bedroom (a ripped apart closet)

My poor closet

See what I mean? I really can not wait until Thursday to get out of here and start working on setting up the new place. I am going to really enjoy living right above a grocery store. It is going to be my pantry and refrigerator. As I dream this is what I see..(start dream bubble)..“Oh hunny, we are out of milk”.. “No Hunny, we aren’t, let me go downstairs and get some.” Ohhhh how nice!!

We still have so much to do and we have to clean this place from top to bottom. Thankfuly my Mother-in-law will be coming over tomorrow to help cleaning the windows. It shall be an interesting time communication wise. I might need to pop up my translator online.

So, we are running out of food we can have for meals. I am finding myself munching on a oh so delicious Poptart for lunch which in no way a good meal for my “healthy diet” but you do what you have to do. We might need to call the pizza guy for the next few days..haha..we already had that for lunch and dinner last night. So far we can spend one night with a regular meal of spaghetti thanks to my Mother-in-law. What would I do without her? Oh yes I know, fill my body with various snacky items like my favorite, gummies!!

Well today I have another picture overload for you and a video!! You are all so welcome! :-P

Here are photos of Ian "helping" us Pack:

Playing in Box

Playing in Box

Playing in Box

Playing in Box

Playin with Sheet

Ian liked our bed curtains..this gave me the idea to use this for my next photoshoot, what do you think?

Here are the rest of the photos from the last photoshoot:

Star Wars Booty!


Is that greasy hair? Yes!

Yup, thats me

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ian Sharpening his Teeth

War on Mom

We finally know the date we can move to our new Casa de Steiger. I am so glad because it was taking long enough. We reserved the move truck for Feb 29 but can go pick up our key on the 28th. The time is quickly approaching!
Ian has wagged a war against Mom. Last night Ian said, “No MOM, I am not sleeping, you cant make me and I am going to play, pee through my diaper, pull all your appendages, scratch you, and make you feel the most miserable you have felt in a long time.” Thankfully after a few hours I got him to sleep for and hour or two and he woke up around 5 or 6AM this morning. Ian is being a big lovely stinker lately and wanting to get his own way 24/7 but this mamma is putting her foot down (as much as she can). I love him dearly but it is never too early to learn how to treat people.
My body is under war lately, not just from my scratching dear son but from myself. I cannot seem to stop running into the baby gate. It is out there to get me! Let me show my “war” wounds.


Ahh hairy scratch from Ian

Babygate wounds(yes those are my motherly stretchmarks on the right)

Okay so my little man has start to sharpen his chompers and this is how he does it… (so it was not posting so look in the post above)
I know I am jumping around today but I have so many thoughts just running around that I have to let out! Okay, so I have been trying to get together for what I am going to do for Ian’s 1st Birthday. I am going to undertake making his cake. I want to do a Winnie the Pooh cake with a little scene ontop. I need to find some figurines; I hope I can find some! This cake is going to be a big thing for me because I sure am not a cake decorator by any means. I created his invite yesterday, what do you think?


I am going to leave you all with photos of Ian from a photoshoot last week..

IMG_0774 copy



Can it really be that yummy?


oooo Mirror

(I'll show more next post)

Monday, February 18, 2008

You just gotta love your Husband

Husbands, what to say about them…André stayed home from work today playing the “sick” card, saying he needs time to recoup from his hard times at work. This left us with many crazy adventures of staying home. I asked him to feed Ian his snack this afternoon (thankfully he obliged) and it turned into a time full of silliness. He stole Ian’s cheerios for himself and lined up all Ian’s cheerios into an “easy to eat one by one pattern”

Daddy helping with snack

Dad working on setting up his pattern

Daddy on phone

What Dad does best, working with technology

Later this evening I had to beg him to change Ian’s unexpected poopy diaper then I hear from the hallway “IAN! IAN! IAN! AHHH IAN!” *pause*….. “OHH Nooooo! PEE, LISA AHH HE IS PEEING HELP HELP!” How did I know something would go wrong? Daddy always needs moms Ian had caught all his pee on his poor stuffed cookie monster so I was off to giving the Cookie Monster his first bath. How delightful! Sometimes I look forward to all the craziness that will come from having a child. I am planning for many more stories to come.

Yesterday we took Ian for his first time to the park. He was not able to enjoy many of the play things yet since he is still so young but he really enjoyed the see-saw. Hearing him giggle was making me laugh!! Stupid me forgot to take along the camera so no shots only a single one on André’s phone.

Ian has started early on learning to take his parents money. This is what I caught him doing this morning..

Getting into diaper bag

Digging for cash in the Diaper Bag

My tummy is calling for an evening snack. I just can’t seem to cut that out of my diet. If you all have tips to combat this evil voice roaring in my stomach let me know!

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Way to a Ladies Heart

So, it is the day after what some dub the “Hallmark holiday” and I am one happy lady! André got me orange satin sheets and the feel is so nice, not too slippery and not too rough. I almost couldn’t get out of bed this morning because I did not want to leave the comfort of the best sheets my skin has ever felt but I had to answer the call of the Ian. He also got me my favorite orange chocolate from Sprüngli, yum yum.

My plan went out well for Andy and he was surprised and got a laugh out of my gift. Oh yes, I have not said what I did..I made him a “Welcome Home” card and placed it in the mailbox and it told him to go to living room where I had a shirt waiting for him then a note in the shirt which said, “go to the bedroom” where I had a playboy bunny pillow and hi-ball glasses and Lindor Truffles waiting for him along with another card. He got a laugh out of it. Playboy items?..yup, it’s a thing between us with the Girls of the Playboy Mansion show and seeing the pillow at a local store. I wish he liked the shirt but he said it made him look fat, like he says everything makes him, so I got a little down about that..blah. My Valentines did go well overall and I do not think I could have asked for a better one.

Ian gave me a big laugh this morning; I found out he likes his toddler chair to watch some cartoons so I plugged him in the chair, popped him in front of a cartoon and let him drink and watch until he was done with his bottle. The whole look of it all was just too funny..

kickback with a bottle and cartoon

kickback with a bottle and cartoon

He is just growing up too fast. My little boy already loves cartoons and a kickback with a bottle. I guess he had a hard morning of playing!

As I sit here writing this I just saw one of the most strange and crazy music videos I have seen to date. It is the video for the song Rockstar by Nickelback (one of my favorite bands of all time), it shows mostly famous people and regulars singing to their song and some of the people they put in the video are just perfect. Take a look for yourself..

Rockstar Video

What do you think? Too perfect!!!

Lauren, I found a great pair of converse for Ian. Your idea of this shoe is a great idea. Maybe a good first birthday gift from his Auntie Lauren?? I had no idea they had these for toddlers!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Only the Highlife for a Little Man

Ian has been sure getting some special treatment lately. I bought him new shoes for his giganto feet. Yes, his feet are 4.7 inches long! These lovely shoes were purchased at the Jelmoli. Let me tell you something, that store is A-mazing!! It is about 4 or 5 floors of everything you would need, a one stop shop. This store has a range of things for the small budget to the “can spend whatever I want” budget. I was surprised how great the service was. They made sure the shoe fit perfect and spent about 20 minutes to do so. That is what I call great customer service!! I did not have a chance to look around at the ladies shoes..not even sure if I could find the area. I was lucky enough to find the children’s shoes section with my limited German skills. So here are the famous Ian shoes..

Here is Ian sporting them…

These will be perfect for Ian learning to walk and he does well in them and they are giving him no slippage. We need no slippage because he already has a huge knot on his forehead from falling 4 times in one afternoon! Poor thing, he still persists to stand and try to walk even through that all. A round of applause for Ian!!!

I also asked my Mom (thanks Mom!) to purchase a teether feeder for Ian. This is a mesh bag for which you can place whole food objects in and the child chews on t he bag to get pieces of the food out, therefore reducing choking. Ian loves it and it has the seal of approval from me! I like it because you can take it on the go and the food remains chilled because it has a chill feature. Whoever thought of this product is my hero!! Thank you Sassy!!

Show it off for us Ian..

I have much to do today to prepare my Valentines gift for André. I can’t explain it now because he reads this. Hopefully I can give you all the silly details in the near future. Good day and Have a Happy Valentines everyone!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Family Outing

I enjoy when I can get out as a family :-) André, Ian, and I went out on the town this afternoon. Not all went as expected but as usual things worked out and it was enjoyable.

We were going to after afternoon brunch at the Zic Zac restaurant but the service was horrible. They were having a soccer game starting later in the day so they ended the buffet early and said we could order off the menu. We sat down, unpacked, gave Ian a bottle, received our drinks..then nothing. Yes, nothing! We wait 15 minutes and every server was just walking by us doing whatever they pleased and forgetting to take our order. Then they finally come and have the audacity to ask if we placed our order..uh noo....! We said, let us pay for our drinks and go and that we did. Some people do not know the meaning of customer service. That took about an hour off our afternoon. We did get our breakfast food from another restaurant, which was yummy. I found out that Ian loves pancakes. I know what I will be making for him.

Later we hung around at the lake and I wanted to use this opportunity to take some good photos outside, of Ian and André, and that I think I did!!! I had a problem at the beginning with it being too white but I figured it out and had some decent shots..(you can leave me some constructive criticism under comments).

This one turned out too red because the hood was out giving Ian a red tone

I also took a few non-family pictures..

Whew, picture overload!!

Okay so I have a real question. Why do some older folks consider themselves superior to younger people? I was trying to get off the bus this evening with the stroller and he wacked my leg with his cane and pushed his way through. I am not saying mothers get first always but if I was in front of the door first and have a stroller let me go!

I think I have said more than my fair share today!

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Possible Start?

I am yet again attempting another blog! After reading through a few other mommy blogs it caught my interest to start my own. I don't know how interesting my life will be but I hope to find some enjoyment out of this. Are you thinking, this won't last long? You are probably right because I am thinking the same thing! *WARNING*- My grammer will be some of the worst you have ever seen. Lets keep hopes up that you all can get through my rambles with a basic understanding.

It is time to show off my little man. His name is Ian Kurt born on March 28, 2007. Can you believe he is almost a year old? Where does all the time go :-( You want to know my little guys interests? It isn't much (duh!), he likes to explore at this age, cry when he doesn't get his way, play with mommies boobs (yes, I say boobs..sooo PG), eat snacks 24/7, and get into trouble. This is all a typical baby boy in my book.

Yesterday I decided to play around with my Cannon EOS 400D and try to take some decent looking pictures. I want to call this the Ian Playtime Photoshoot...what do you think? I am trying to work on my photography skills and photographing my baby is fun and the best way to show off the beautful life of him.

I plan to work on some more photoshoots of him. I can't wait for the weather to get nice so I am able to take him outside. Nature always brings out the best in a little one!

Oh well, nap time is over..time for his afternoon snack!