Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Product Review: The "Snack Trap" Dispenser

I have found my favorite snack holder for Ian and I just had to share how wonderful this contraption is. It is called the Snack Trap. What is it? Well it is a snack holder and dispenser. It comes with a rubber top with which your child can stick their hand through and grab their snack. The best thing is they can shake this cup all around and not a snack piece will drop! I use this a lot with Ian when we go out because he has come to the stage where he loves to feed himself. Also if he is crying in the stroller I can hand him this cup and be on my way without having to stop and feed him a snack. I like to call this my “thank goodness that child has stopped crying” cup. There is one dislike (as with most items), when he tries to pull out his snack he grabs handfuls sometimes and then spills half of what he took out. So this is not a "one at a time" dispenser. My favorite snacks to put in it are Cheerios and Gerber Puffs. For those with older children, they come with cute characters so your child can pick out which one they like.Now go out and grab one today :-P

Price: $4.95-$6.00, 3 pack: $10.99-$13.75
Available at:, Toysrus, One Step Ahead, Lullaby Lane, Burlington Coat Factory,

Acessories and Replacement Parts Available

a PENGUIN Snack-Trap


Fiona said...

Very cute & handy .... Here in my hometown very hard to get those things for my kids .. have to order online .. :(

Hallie said...

Very cute, Lisa. I will have to keep these in mind for whenever the day comes that I have little chitlens.