Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Pains(literally)

Is it really Monday? The overcast weather outside tells me it is so! It is back to the normal week for Ian and me with just a little more added stress. His leg is still really hurting him (poor thing) but he seems to be finding a lot of ways to get around it. He is crawling, standing, and getting into trouble again..all with setbacks.

Leg Injury

"Flamingo Leg (ignore the water spot)"

Leg Injury

"More Flamingo Leg"

With crawling he does okay but when it comes to standing, he will stand with a flamingo leg then get stuck and scream for me to come get him. Will this poor little leg heal soon? I don’t know, but I hope so because I want him to have a good vacation.
Yes, that is right, VACATION!!! It is that time again where I get to go see my family that I have missed so much. I will be staying for a little less than 2 and ½ months. Two days after we arrive to the U.S. we are heading to the beach. I am really looking forward to relaxing by the ocean and introducing Ian to the sand and waves. I bet his reaction will be priceless. In preparation for the water I ordered him some swim diapers because I do not want to spend a fortune on those disposable swim diapers or struggle with them. After searching for what “they” all say is the best one, I went with the Kushies Swim Diaper.
The outer is made of nylon and the inside is super soft cotton to protect the bits. They are supposed to be easy to get off if you have an explosion. Just pull the ties and undo Velcro; no need to slide down the leg and smear the mess. And the added bonus is they come in solid and cute prints so they work well as the swimsuit. We will see how they do!
I also saw this super cute “award winning” blanket on their site that looked like it would be a favorite of Ian and a well deserved treat for the long plane trip. It has a little critter attached to the top of the blanket. I think if Ian takes a liking to it I could whip him up one myself. Here is what they look like..

It is time to get back to caring for my injured child. Lunch is calling.


Ian typing

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Lauren said...

I don't think you should make any changes-it is easy to read as it is.

Hallie said...

I'm sorry Ian is having such a rough time - hopefully that Tylenol is doing its job! I like your blog, Lisa. I'm not an expert on blogs as you know, but from the looks of it... I can't find anything wrong or that needs improvement.