Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Makeovers and Meat

Happy Tuesday!! Yesterday was a day off here in Switzerland so we had a little grill party. We invited Mike and Sinem over for some delicious meat on the new grill. Starting up the grill was hilarious. I have a silly Husband that doesn’t like to listen to his wife (isn't that normal?) but when he went out to grab matches I got it fired up by the time he got back. Not what he was expecting. I slapped that meat on the grill after 20 minutes but I told AndrĂ©, since he wanted the grill so bad, he was in charge of flipping the meat.

First Grill Party

I was surprised to see that Sinem got all up in there and was a flipping queen. So for all you men that think women can’t grill..we might just rock at it more than you :-P

First Grill Party

First Grill Party

I picked out some pork kebabs with garlic sauce and they were so delicious. It is true that meat just tastes so much better on the grill. YUM YUM.

Ian spent most of Monday with my In-Laws so we could have our grill party but now he is back and we are back to having a messy living room. I sure missed it :-P

So, Ian was in need of a major bangs cut because they kept getting his eyes and Mommy cannot stand that shabby look. I brought out those scissors and did his first hair snippety snip. It is okay, don’t freak out! I did not cut the beautiful curly locks in the back. Ian would look like his hair went through a chipper if I attempted that. I think his bangs turned out alright for my first try at ever cutting hair (not including teenager Lisa’s quick snip snips).

Ian's First Bangs Cut

"The first snip"

First Bangs Cut

What do you think?

I finally got around to putting up the last canvas pictures I had laying around the place. I put up Ian’s Winnie the Pooh ones and the New York ones. The New York ones look a lot better than I thought. My livingroom is starting to look a little snazzy but our livingroom can’t look too snazzy with a whole decked out play corner.

New Pictures

"I know..I need to fix Eeyore on the left"

New Pictures

New Pictures

"Gotta love the toy corner"


Hallie said...

Nice job on the bang cut, Lisa. Oh man, I wish I could have had some of that yummy grill meat. SEE YOU VERY, VERY SOON!!!

Lauren said...

I think Ian's facial expression in the "after" picture is really funny.

Also, I got A LOT of laughs from the pictures you posted of Mom. Pretty much the last once was the cause of all the merriment. Don't worry, Mom laughed too.

pixie4bears said...

Thanks Hallie :) See you soon!

Lauren: Yes the after picture he is saying "What did you do to me Mom?" Mom told me about how you were showing that around Sunday. The last shot of Mom I popped a camera in her face and said smile!! It was worth it!

Anonymous said...

Very funny. See if I let you take my picture again, missy.