Monday, June 22, 2009

I Joined a Photo Club!

Grandma and Ian taking a snapshot
Ian and my Mom
Summer is officially here but it isn’t feeling like it here in Switzerland. Today was a jacket, long pants, and umbrella type of day. My mom made use of the sort periods of sunshine to take Ian out to feed the ducks by the creek here. It was nice to get a few minutes to myself. Perfect time to edit my new photos.

My Mom

My Mom

Yesterday I was able to take sometime out alone to an expat photography club. I brought my mom along with me to enjoy snapping photos. The theme of this shoot was urban/construction. I, for the first time, was able to get one-on-one advice with some pros! I think I did get some pretty decent shots for a person who doesn’t know much of what they are doing.

Train to Somewhere

English Forum Photogroup in Hardbrucke

Part of the Photo Group

Weeds in the City

A Weed in the City

I can still see there is a lot of room for improvement so here is to wishing the lovely dear Husband will watch the kids again so I can head out to another meet. The next one is a nice walk up a lovely Swiss mountain, too bad it is in the middle of the week!

The Nuts n' Bolts


As always, the rest on flickr.

Friday, June 19, 2009

They're Home, For real!

Twins ID Tags

Life with two newborns and a 2 year old is hectic! I haven’t really had time to indulge in the blogging world recently as you can notice and I miss it! All I have time for right now is a quick update, so ready, set, go…

We brought the Girls home on June 5th because they started drinking like pros, 65ml and gulping it down. Visiting everyday was a challenge but so worth it. They are a joy to have home now but a handful. Ian isn’t adjusting well to the change. The little man has major jealousy issues and loves to tell us “uppa uppa”, meaning put the Girls back in their bassinet. He throws tantrums at dinner, bedtime, and anytime we don’t react immediately to him. Bedtime really is the worst because he will scream and cry if someone isn’t there to fall asleep with him. I really hope that we can get him adjusted soon.

Vanessa 4 weeks

Vanessa 4 weeks old on the playmat

Gabriella 4wks

Gabriella 4 weeks old on the playmat

The Girls had their one month appointment this week and have gained weight like crazy! They now are over 3kg each (about 6.5lbs), but they sure love to eat so I am not surprised. They drink 3oz or more ever 2.5 to 3hrs. Breastfeeding really has come to a standstill because they just never seem full and I have to give the bottle afterwards. It has been rough on me to stop but if I give the bottle I know they are getting what they need. I still offer the breast in between meals if they seem fussy (I just can’t fully give it up).

Gabriella and Vanessa Sleeping

Gabriella and Vanessa

My mom arrived yesterday (yes!!!). The help is so needed because I am a complete zombie. I actually slid on my Husband’s shoes to go out of the house today.

My Mom and the Girls

My Mom, Gabriella, and Vanessa

My Mom and Vanessa's Hands

Vanessa and my Mom's hand

Time for the little boogers to suck down some more of my milk!

....As always more pictures on my flickr.