Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life on a Spin

Life really likes to throw you for a spin. Since my cough was still around at the 2 week mark, yesterday I headed over to the doctor, mostly out of concern for the Twins. He diagnosed me with some type of infection but unsure, also he ordered a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) test just to be on the safe side. My numbers came back just slightly above the norm but he said not to worry..ha funny to tell that to a pregnant woman when all we do is worry. Now I am working on taking my “$50” 3 pill antibiotic and the “I can sleep and talk again” cough syrup.

Today my little man has a high fever and had trouble sleeping so I headed over to the doctor. After the torture of cleaning the wax out of his ears, a mom’s worst nightmare, and a screaming ear check they said it is the beginning of an ear infection. My guess it’s what is left over from what he was sick with before we left to visit the US. My little trooper has been out of it all day and trying to sleep but only to be awoken (by pain?). I feel tonight is going to be a long night of temperature checking and trying to keep the fluids in. Got to love the sick winter season!

I Love My Keys

Even through all of this we are still managing to have a nice visit. There is nothing like spending time with your dad and sister playing Halo on the Xbox360. Time to get back to night watching the little man. Please keep us in your prayers!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shed Some Hair

Happy Friday! It is for us, Ian finally got his second haircut today and was a trooper. I bribed him to sit with me using Gerber fruit snack..sadly that only worked for a total of 5 minutes. My boy is a snack inhaler. I tried to get him to sit with coloring books, that only lasting 3 minutes then poor Mommy had another coughing attack. You know the kind you can’t breathe than you almost vomit. So yah, I was rushed a drink all while Ian was trying to jump to the floor. One last attempt using the “Yes, for this once you can dig through my purse” trick. And viola we had a finished cut!

So before…

Haircut Before

And after..

Haircut After

Someone is sure happy about it.

Skipping on to the twins, so my belly has really popped out in the past couple of weeks. I am surprised how fast you grow with twins compared to a singleton. I got to looking back at how I started and I look skinny..and I thought I was fat at first..haha! Here is a little progression..

6 Weeks 1Day
6 weeks

12weeks 1day
12 weeks

18 weeks 4days Belly
18 weeks 4 days

I also have been having some period like cramping the past couple days. I think in my subconscious it really has me worried because I had my first miscarriage dream last night and I still can’t shake it. Then I took a nap today and was dreaming of rushing to the bathroom because my cramps were so bad and then I really woke up with those cramps. I must be lifting Ian too much, but as a Mom I can’t really slow it down. I can foresee me needing some extra help in a couple months. I just need to keep looking to God for a healthy pregnancy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Twins Video at 16 Weeks

16 weeks The Twins
Originally uploaded by mrs.steiger
Here is the ultrasound video of our possible boy/girl twins at 16 weeks.

We made it after 24 long hours

I am back in the US and are very happy to be seeing family and friends again. My Mom had a good visit at my home as well. I didn’t get to the US without some bumps in the road though. The morning we wanted to leave Ian got really sick with vomit and all. Thankfully it was a little case of the flu and he got over it within a couple days. Since this, I wasn’t able to travel back with my mom and I ended up sick the next day. I got over it fast and was able to head home within 4 days. The trip alone with a rambunctious 21 month old was an adventure. Thank you to the wonderful Delta flight attendant that enjoyed Ian so much as we spent a lot of time in the back of the plane playing and exploring. There was no way possible you can keep a child at that age in a plane seat for 10 hours. We did have to spend another 7 hours in the airport till my next flight that finally got me to the point of being within one hour driving distance of home. Ian did okay on the last leg but I had to stroll him around for hours till he knocked out.

Whew. I will need lots of prayer for the trip home. Since being pregnant it doubly exhausted me. Applause to all of you ladies traveling international with a toddler!

I have no updated pictures of Ian, just been too busy but I promise next post. He is due for a haircut soon so you will for sure see that!

For now here is my little belly babies at 16 weeks..

Little Missy Getting A Crotch View
Possible girl getting a crotch view from her brother

Face- Girl
Possible girl, face

Our possible boy, face, arms, and chest.

Boy Touching his Face
Boy scratching his face

The doctor is 80% positive they are a boy and a girl and we couldn’t be more happy. He was sure about the girl but the boy he was a little unsure. But we will see when I get back home at my 21 weeks appointment. Happy 18 weeks to them.

Enjoy your post-inaugural day.