Saturday, May 17, 2008

Two Doctor Visits in one day..

The last part of this week was pretty uneventful till Friday. Ian had a doctor appointment yesterday for an immunization before we pop over to the US. The doctor also checked to make sure he was on schedule with everything and he for sure is! He even got the “His brain works really well for his age” statement. Yay, I have a smarty!!! Oh wait, let me skip back to Wednesday. The afternoon was spent full of child free shopping. I forgot how easy it was to pop through stores without pushing around a honker stroller. I had to get myself and Ian some things for the summer. I had a little meltdown last weekend when all my spring and summer bottoms looked like bags on me. I must have lost a bit of my pregnancy weight since then (I was a cow!).

I shopped for a few things for Ian at a French Children’s boutique called Du Pareil Au Même, located in Zürich (which has international online shopping!). It is my favorite store to find things for Ian because they are so different from everything else out there and CUTE!!

Our Summer Clothes

"Winne outfit"

Our summer Clothes

"A couple summertime outfits"

Our summer Clothes

"Pj and summertime outfit"

Our summer Clothes

"Top and Capris"

Our summer Clothes

"3 new tank tops"

Can I get in here?

"Monster PJs"

This one is for my sister..I also got him the perfect outfit. The top has a Monkey with a superman type outfit on and then the shirt says “Super Monkey”. The shorts also have the Monkey on them and Super on the back pocket. They also had a matching hat but Ian wasn’t there for me to try it on him so I hope when I go back it will still be there. I was going to get a picture but of him in the outfit yesterday but…

Last night we went to the playground and I decided to take Ian down the slide for the first time with me but it all turned into a disaster. As I was going down the slide his foot went under me and got pushed back as I went down then after that he was crying his head off. For a few moments I thought it was broken… what kind of Mom am I!? I didn’t see it turn purple but he would cry to the touch of it and wouldn’t stand so we headed to the hospital. After a few tries to get him to stand, they decided on an Xray. They found all bones perfectly intact! Whew! They said that he pulled something in his leg. For my guess, a tendon? He can’t walk on it or crawl to well as of today. I hate to see him in pain! So we are giving him tylenol. Pray for his fast recovery and that Mommy can make it through this week…I can’t really leave his side because all he can do is sit somewhere and with his curiosity that doesn’t turn out too well, so I have to keep him occupied. Okay..I think I am done complaining!

Here is to a happy weekend for the rest of you!

Funny POTD:

Chillin Under Chair

"Chilling under his chair"


Hallie said...

I'm glad Ian didn't get hurt worse than he did. I like the outfits you got for Ian. The tank tops and outfit you got are also very pretty/stylish. I look forward to seeing the SuperMonkey shirt. As you know, I'm a big Superman fan too ;-).

Shelliza said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Those are some VERY cute outfits! Your little Ian is an absolute cutie! I'm sure he'll look adorable wearing them.