Friday, August 21, 2009

The Joys and Not So Joyful

Week 2: Pool Time

Week 2: Enjoying The Kiddy Pool..he spent 3 hours in it.

This past weekend we got some time with just Ian to take him over to Zurich and enjoy the nice HOT summer weather while my Mother-in-Law watched Gabriella and Vanessa. Since when I took him a couple weeks ago and he was pointing at the pedal boats, we decided to rent one and take him out on the Lake. He really enjoyed it! While Andy chilled in the front pedaling to make sure we didn’t hit the hundreds of other boats out there, Ian and I hung our legs off the back splashing around. Of course that makes a two year old have the munchies, so we let him finish his bag of chips while pointing at the scenery around us, ducks being his favorite.


Playing with his friend

After an hour of water bliss, we grabbed some ice cream at the grocery store and headed over to his favorite park. Andy ran around in the sand and water with him. Ian had sand in every little nook in cranny after that! It was so nice to able to spend that time with just the 3 of us, and I am sure Ian felt like a star. He hadn’t really had a day like that since his sisters were born.

"Don't Leave My House"

"Don't leave my playhouse"

Now it is back to a normal week, with the exception of my friend Sobia leaving to go back to her “home” country. Tears were almost shed Monday as we had our last time of letting our little ones play together. I am hoping to be able to go visit her a couple times a year. This is the life of an expat, you make expat friends and they usually have to move back home at some point.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Official Gabriella and Vanessa Labor Story

On May 18th 2009, 35 weeks pregnant, and at about 9am in the morning I was taken off the IV machine that pumped contraction stopping medications into my system for a little over two months. I felt great and wasn’t feeling any contractions for two hours. The doctors wanted to give me one last ultrasound before they would send me home. I was taken down only to see that my girls were doing great in the belly. I then started to feel a small ache in my belly and asked if they could check me for contractions. Using my smarts, I knew I didn’t want to go home just to have to come back.

The machine showed I was having some but nothing significant. Afterwards I was checked for dilation and their was some. “Go walk around for and hour and come back to get checked.” So I did, and was feeling more pain with every step. The walk showed more dilation and this is when I knew it was time.

I was brought in the Labor and Delivery room where I was monitored more for contractions and changes in my cervix. It was going so much faster than with mylabor for Ian. They decided to break my water. Right after that the pain became worse and worse and I knew it couldn’t be too much longer.

Me in Labor

With experience from my last labor, I asked for the epidural about midway. My Husband was such a trooper, holding on to me while they gave it. Not long after that they said the girls would be arriving soon. For precautions with twins, women are hooked to a monitor and ready to be wheeled off to get a c-section. Most twin births end in a c-section.

They had to rush to put the wires on because I already had to push. A few really good pushes later at 8:47pm Gabriella Catherine arrived looking as healthy as ever weighing 2370g. I didn’t know what I was going to name her until I saw her face, but I knew it was Gabriella at first glance.

The midwife had to then squeeze my belly (I remember she was a petite woman and she was holding so hard she was shaking), to hold the next baby in position so she wouldn’t turn. It was time for me to push again. It was strange to me to be pushing another baby out while I was holding one I birthed just a few minutes before.

Me and Gabriella

Gabriella after she just arrived

Out popped Vanessa Lynn at 8:51pm weighing 2440g. They took her away to another corner of the room and put an oxygen mask on her. I was so worried because many people were crowded around her and I couldn’t see what they were doing. I was repeating over and over, “What is wrong with her? Is she okay.” All she needed was a jumpstart of some oxygen since she was born early. I found out after the fact, that it is typical for the second baby.

Vanessa Needing a Jumpstart

Vanessa getting oxygen

Vanessa After Delivery

I was now officially a mom of twins, two pink little baby girls who couldn’t be anymore perfect. My Husband and I spent the rest of the night holding them tight, even though I was sick with a fever and chills after labor.

My labor could not have gone any more perfect.

Day1- Visiting-Ian

Ian kissing Gabriella the next day

Happy 3 Months Girls!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Reality is..

just me

Just me doing my photo thing

Over a month has gone by and my little girls are almost 3 months old. Wow how time has just flown for me. Yesterday my Uncle left and reality of being a mom of 3 has set in. My life now is really all about my kids, and at first I thought one was sorta tough. I love it though! I wouldn’t change this for the world.

Ian is my loving silly typical 2 year old whose favorite word to say is no even when you just look at him or who loves to wave “hello” at his own shadow. My mom brought over a sprinkler ball and he has grown to love it. He pops on his Winne the Pooh rainboots (put on the wrong feet) and runs into it or hides from it like crazy.


The Sprinkler Outfit

The bucket hat, swim diaper, and rain boots outfit by Ian

He is such a loving brother too. He is mostly over his jealousy and likes to get diapers or wipes for them and also enjoys giving them goodnight kisses. These girls are so lucky!

Read dis
Ian "reading" to Vanessa

The girls have been smiling for a few weeks now and are working up to laughing. They get so close! By two months they were rolling from belly to back. Also, sleep is getting better. They usually are up to feed once a night and wake up from 6-8 for their morning feed. I am still exhausted from being hooked to my pump “all day” and being up with them at night but I realize it is for the best. I know I can’t keep up being the milk source for much longer because school is starting again soon and I need a little bit more of my life back to get everything done, also I am barely able to keep up with them now. I am glad to have given them the best start possible and saving us some money because formula for two isn’t going to be cheap!

Lookin' at the mobile
Vanessa and Gabriella enjoying their mobile


One of my favorite pictures, Gabriella wondering what is up with with Vanessa being a Diva

That’s all I have for now..see you all soon!

*I started a one photo a week of Ian and myself. I thought it would be a great memory for him to have of the things we did together. Here is week one from last week.

Week 1: Blues Clues!
Watching Blues Clues before lunch

Thanks to my Uncle for all his help while he was here. I really enjoyed your visit and will miss you!