Saturday, May 10, 2008

Last week of class!!

Did everyone had a good week? Mine was alright, it was the last week of my Visual Basic class and..and..I had a lot of issues. You were expecting to hear that I passed, weren’t you? That is still unknown yet, but I am pretty sure I am going to come out of that class with an "A" folks. How ‘bout it? To the issue part, I had to take the same exam twice. Why twice? Well, let me tell you what..I am not happy about it! I got into the test and it included a note on top saying:

“Your final exam's letter grade (based on a 10 point scale) cannot be more than one letter grade lower than your course final letter grade. In other words, if a student aced every exercise, but failed the final with a 56%, he could still potentially get an A if this exception was not in force; however, the student has failed to show mastery of the material, even though he has shown ability to get the assignments completed. In order to get a B in the course, you will have to at least earn a C on the final exam. In order to get an A in the course, you must earn at least a B on the final, assuming the rest of your grades support this grade.”

So of course I freak out about this andI look up every question of 100. This is an open book test, I’m not a cheater silly! :-P I soon start seeing questions about things we never learned and tons of them. About half the test ended up being questions I had never seen. Well then, it takes me well over 3 hours to complete and I have a fussy Husband to deal with..when I press the submit button it takes me to the no connection found Internet Explorer page. I lost my internet connection!! AHHH, freak out freak out! Then I get locked out of the test so I wait two days for the teacher to answer my question about letting me back in so I can answer so I try to get into the test again and all my answers are……. GONE! I had to take the whole test again. What a pain in the bootay. I redid it then I saw my grade and freakedout again. The teacher gave a curve on the test since she deployed the wrong one but now I do not know what an “A” or a “B” is and still haven’t heard back from her after two days. Teacher oh Teacher come out, come out wherever you are! So did I pass? We shall see..

Ian is doing well. Playing around all day and loving pushing his bike around. Still no standing in the middle of the room alone. Not much else to say about “His Sweetness” so enjoy looking at him..

Playin With Bike

Playin With Bike

A day at home

A day at home

Remember tomorrow is Mothers Day. Lets love on our Mommies.

new plants

"The new flowers"

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Hallie said...

I'm tellin you, Lisa. You need to get that boy into modeling. SO CUTSIE! Hahahaa. As for your test, I hope things work out for the best. It would be silly for you NOT to get an A. I like the new flowers!