Saturday, May 24, 2008

Monkey Hat, Disney Princess, and Baby Einstein Boy Approved

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the hat!!! I never thought I would get this excited over a hat but I almost had a hat scare. Back to the DPAM Store I went today and ran straight to the hats and to my surprise only 3 were left. I start to have a slight panic attack then I found out they were all 3 months size. hat, my poor monkey hat. Then my lovely DH found a pile of them in the HAT section and there it was..HIS hat. So now we have the entire monkey outfit and mommy is a happy lady. (pictures to somepoint)

After the hat adventure I found him a few more cute things for the summer at the store (hard to resist their items) and then I went on my run to find him some airplane approved goodies. I did find the Crayola color wonder paper and markers but it is a new item to Switzerland so I had to get him the Disney Princess paper.heheeee. He won’t know the difference, right? I also picked up a pot and pan set with some spoons. I figure he can have pieces every hour. Not bad for a half a days trip out.

We are almost trip ready, just a bunch of packing left to do but that shouldn’t take too long. The only thing that will cause us a little trouble is we will have no water the day before we go and the early morning because they will be doing something to it. What a pain in the butt! Paper plates and cups on our shopping list to get for Thursday.

In Ian news, he is well and spending the weekend at his Swiss Grandmas because his Great Grandma is in from Italy to visit. He is having a blast and wearing himself out. But you know their is always a need to relax.

Ian late 13 Months Old

This has turned into his favorite Baby Einstein watching spot. Not only does he use that to watch his videos, but to be a ham.

Ian late 13 Months Old

Ian late 13 Months Old

Ian late 13 Months Old

Is this the next class clown? Or is mommy..

Me being Silly

Nah, but we sure are a silly family so you can see where he gets it from. Have a great weekend!


Shelliza said...

he has the most beautiful blue eyes! Aren't those Color Wonder books GREAT? my son loves them and I do too because he can't mark on the walls with those markers;)


my albums for your sweet son
happy mother's day for all the coming years.regards

Fiona said...

Hi Lisa .. ur son's eye really beautiful ... BLUE ! haha anyway do u mind I link ur blog with me? Nice reading ur blog ...

Hallie said...

WOW! He is getting big! And look how big and gorgeous his eyes are!