Friday, April 18, 2008

We Have Standing!

Friday, YES!!! This weekend is one that I have been waiting for since Monday. It is not because something super exciting is coming only because my hectic school week is over. I haven’t been this frustrated in awhile. Things are getting super tough in class and tears have been flowing in the masses! I need your prayers for the last few weeks in this class. I need to make it through!!

I do have some good news in the world of Ian. Wednesday he stood on his own for about 10 seconds. He was doing his usual, of grabbing for the baby monitor off the table and I look over and he is standing and holding it in both hands. Now all he needs to do is keep it up! I haven’t seen him trying anymore tricks lately (unless stealing mommy’s goldfish crackers counts).

This week one of my American mommy friends(Jenn) sent Ian and I a package of good ole’ U.S goodies. She sent Ian a super cute Winne the Pooh outfit, Winne cups, two books, and his favorite..Puffs!! I was sent Gushers and Goldfish Crackers. Those foods won’t last too long because of Ian the Hungry! I can almost see the bottom of the Goldfish bag already.

Gifts from Jenn S


Gifts from Jenn S

"Yes, I am"

Gifts from Jenn S

"How do I open these Puffs?"

Gifts from Jenn S

"I love my cups."

This weekend we will hopefully get out to Z├╝rich tomorrow for some fun in the sun, well lets hope there is sun! I will be searching out a park with some baby fun playthings. Wish me luck! Sunday evening Andy will be going out to a concert to celebrate Mike’s birthday so it will be a fun night in for Ian and I. Hmm.. movie and popcorn for us? Have a great weekend everyone.

Funny Picture(s) of the day:

Now how do I do this?

"How do I do this."

Oh yah!

"Oh Yah!"

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Hallie said...

Haha, aww! How cute! Gosh, I wonder if hes gonna start walking before he comes here. Hes going to look so cute waddling around everywhere, hah! Love yah :-)
You have a nice weekend too! Hopefully I'll get to talk to you at some point.