Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Dance

I am at it again. More photog practice and new assignments! Happy Dance!! Time to tell on myself, I never got around to the square assignment picture. Even though the time is up I think I will try to take a picture for that this week. I wasn’t too overly excited with the way my other two turned out, but I guess that is what learning is all about. But I have already started on my first picture for this week and it turned out AWESOME!

Here is what is posted for this week:

Butterfly Lighting - We tried our hands at Rembrandt Lighting back in Week 46. This week, we'll try "butterfly" lighting (AKA glamour or paramount lighting). In butterfly lighting, the main light is positioned above the camera lens and aimed down at the subject. The name "butterfly" refers to the shape of the shadow under the nose. You may want to soften the shadow under the nose by bouncing the light back up into the face. You can do this with a reflector or any sort of reflector-like thing (white poster board would probably do the trick). Note that this type of lighting is usually only recommend for women, not men (models that is...the sex of the photographer is irrelevant ;-).Tag with: cuwk12/1, cuweek12/1, cu

B&W Flowers - If there's one subject that just begs to be photographed in color, it's flowers. But since that's been done over 6,000,000 times, I thought we'd try something different. Give us your most interesting black & white flower shot! Tag with : cuwk12/2, cuweek12/2, cu

Poetry - Include the words of a poem in your image. The photo itself should be inspired by the poem. The words may be added using your photo editing software of choice, or you may photograph them. Major bonus points for writing an original poem for this assignment. Tag with : cuwk12/3, cuweek12/3, cu

My attempt for Black and White Flowers:

Gladiolus in Summer

What do you think?

The Butterfly Lighting should be interesting. I guess I will have to end up using myself and make this like the portraits you get at places like Sears. Pile my make up on high and give my best cheesy smile.

As for my 365, I surprisingly have been keeping up. YAY ME!! But (yes, always a but), I did have a slip up because I thought one picture got transferred so I deleted it off the memory card, only to find out it is nowhere to be found on the computer. So here I am stuck with a missing day..I might have to call it 364.

7/365: I see you!

Showing off Grandpa's Glasses (he loves to put these on then give them to me to put on)

The quality is bad because it is the only picture I took that day with a point and shoot and Ian was moving, so his left eye looks weird.

9/365: Heart Bokeh

Heart Bokeh: Here is what it is and how to make it

Speaking of Ian, he is walking a little more almost everyday. Since my husband is away, I had to get a video for him to see. Ian didn’t want to cooperate so I had to entice him with his toy. It makes for a funny me but whatever works, I say!

I am off to the lake for another boat ride tomorrow with a 4th of July celebration in the evening. Cross your fingers that I can learn to take good firework pictures.


Fiona said...

Wow .. Ian can walk now! he's so cute with the grandpa's glasses ...

Jennifer said...


Allison Says said...

I LOVE the black and white flower! It's beautiful. You're right...everyone takes pictures of flowers in color. They do beg for it :) But that really is a lovely photo!

Way to go Ian! Yay walking!

Fiona said...

Happy 4th of July .. BTW, how old is America Lisa?

Hallie said...

Go Ian! He'll be walking around everywhere before you know it. Cute little thang. Hey do you think you could take some professional pictures of me and Kevin sometime? You might have to do some photo editing, haha.

pixie4bears said...

Thanks everyone. His walking as already improved a lot.

Fiona, America declared its Independence on July 4th 1776.

Hallie, I sure can. Just drop me a line and we can set something up.

3XMom said...

i really like the flower - very nice!