Monday, July 7, 2008

Got Sick? We DO!

Captain Red Dawg

My Dad, The Boat Driver

My 4th of July went great with a boat ride, fishing, grill party, and fireworks. My sister had her friends over this weekend so we took them on a trip to the lake where they all enjoyed being tugged behind the boat on a tube. They had their share of fly offs and I was there to catch it through pictures.

My Sister on the Tube

My Sister on the Tube

Flying off the Tube

Hilary Flying off the Tube

10/365: Flyin High on the Tube

Kyle, Flying High

Don’t hate me, but I forgot to bring my tripod with me so I was not able to get firework pictures. I have been a lot like that lately maybe because I am coming down with my son’s cold. The poor little thing has snot rolling out his nose and sneezing a lot. Had to pull out the Benadryl.

12/365: Got Sick?

Slowly my cold is coming on. The sore throat has started today. Cross your fingers that this passes fast for us both.

With the forgetting, I forgot to bring Ian’s milk cup to dinner tonight and so his milk came in a Styrofoam cup and well, he decided to grab it and stick his finger through it. Of course, it sent milk flying…even to my crotch, making it looked like I peed myself. Gotta love having wet underwear in public, ohh yah! ;) Maybe my hormones are revving up, but I almost cried. Cry over spilt milk! I even cried at the Maid of Honor Movie yesterday, which by the way is a great movie but most certainly a chick flick. Sexy Scottish Men for all you ladies.

11/365: Lotion Sale, OH YAH!
11/365: Stocking up on $5 Bath and Body Works

Grandpa Unhooking my Fish

My Grandpa unhooking the fish I caught.


Autumn's Mom said...

Looks like you had lots of fun, in spite of sickness! Glad you had a great weekend. Hope you are feeling better soon. I keep getting a sore throat that just comes and goes. Probably allergies.

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Shelliza said...

Hope you and Ian feel better soon. Your pictures are looking better all the time. Those are some graet shots! Hey, are you in lynchburg? We're heading there this weekend and was wondering if you'd like to meetup. I'm in Strasburg. let me know.