Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Food Prices That Empty The Wallet

Ian walking and talking

Remember that little quilt giveaway I posted about? Poor little me didn’t win but I know it now has a good home! I better keep my fingers crossed that she will give another one away at some point!

So what do you all think about the rising grocery prices? Pretty horrible, right? I popped into Food Lion the other day because my little milk chugger needed more milk.

28/365: Ian the Milk Chugger


To my surprised it was $5.24 for a gallon of 2% milk! $5.24!!!!!! Ouch that really is going to hurt my wallet. By mid-afternoon he was getting pretty close to half the jug. I just have to remember it isn’t near as bad as the formula prices. Thank goodness for no more formula!!!

As you can see, I am still keeping up the pictures (go me!). My assignment for last week was a picture of punk rock, summertime, and cloning. I didn’t get to the cloning one but the other two were easy. The summertime one was a previously posted one:

25/365: Twirl Ride

I have to brag..I got one CU Favorite (awards given out for the best that week)

And of course I had to go to my best friend “Guitar Hero” for Punk Rock…



This weeks new assignments:

Assignment 1. Posterize. Take a photo and transformit into an illustration. Painting, drawing, or even an illustration for a comic. I'll post a tutorial later today. ( I will have to wait until he posts a tutorial. :)Tag with cuwk15/1, cuAssignment

2. I feel bad a bout some of these ideas I've been coming up with lately, I feel like I'm phoning it in! So show us a picture of telecommunications. A huge part of our life these days, and surely there's a need for some great stock around this topic. Phone it in! Tag with cuwk15/2, cuAssignment

3. Roads: Many of us drive on them every day. Can you take an interesting photograph of one?Tag with cuwk15/3, cu

Roads, yes! I have really been wanting to try this one. Now is my chance.

Pretty much nothing else super cool going on in my neck of the woods. Just cooking dinner for my parents, studying German, enjoying evening storms, and taking way to many pictures. Love it though! Hope you all are enjoying your Summer!

My Mom's Flower

My Mom's Flower

My Mom's Flower


Shelliza said...

Great pictures Lisa. I love the first one of Ian. Actually, milk @ Food lion is cheaper than it is here. We usually pay close to $5 for a gallon. I know though, everythings keeps getting more expensive (sigh).

Fiona said...

Ian has stop on formula? did u do it Lisa? Well my 4 YO daughter still insist to drink formula milk.. i have tried to give her fresh milk ..but she refuse!

Autumn's Mom said...

I'm lucky my family doesn't drink much milk. It's not hear that much here. Are all the cows in CA???

Great pics!!