Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am off to the George Michael Concert!

Today is finally the day of the Concert and I am so excited. I just thought I would post something funny! **warning..British Humor: You may not want to watch this infront of the kids.

George Michael on the Little Britian Show

Lou asks Andy who he wants to invite for his birthday... From a special episode for Comic Relief.

TOM BAKER: After an enjoyable day sitting on a bench, Lou is taking Andy home for his dinner.

LOU: Now, I know it's your birthday coming up, and I thought we could do something special. So I booked a table at the Harvester.

ANDY: Yeah I know.

LOU: Is there anyone you'd like me to invite?

ANDY: George Michaels.

LOU: You want me to invite George Michaels?

ANDY: Yeah.

LOU: We don't know him.

ANDY: Yeah I know.

LOU: Well, I don't think he'd come. Anyway, I thought you didn't like George Michaels, I thought you said that, "Jesus to a Child" aside, you found his output emotionally vapid.

ANDY: Yeah I know.

LOU: Well let's invite someone else instead. How about your brother Declan?

ANDY: George Michaels!

LOU: Oh my sweet saviour!


LOU: So birthday boy, what would you like for your main?

ANDY: I want that one.

LOU: Ice cream... and, er what do want for your pudding?

ANDY: That one.

LOU: Garlic bread, okay. Uhm, ooh! I must just get something out of the van! Wait there.


LOU: Well! Hi Mr. Michaels! Well, you know! Oh! Ha ha! Well, you're here! Thank you so much for coming, he's going to be chuffed to bits.

GEORGE MICHAEL: That's quite alright. You know I like to my bit, you know.

LOU: Yeah, very nice of you. Uhm, Andy! I've got a surprise for you! This is George Michaels!



GEORGE MICHAEL: Er , nice to meet you!


GEORGE MICHAEL: Happy birthday!

ANDY: I don't like him. I want him to go. I prefer Tony Hadley.

LOU: I'm sorry Mr. Michaels, I'm sorry.

ANDY: Tell him that "Jesus to a Child aside", I find his output emotionally vapid.

LOU: Did you get that George?

GEORGE MICHAEL: Yeah, thank you!


Autumn's Mom said...

so???????????? How was it??? I hope you had a blast :)

Shelliza said...

Yeah, how was the concert? I'm so jealous:)