Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Product Review: Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld

It is that time again. Yes the one you all know, product review time! A little less than a month ago I was viewing the Oprah Show (love it!) and she was starring Jessica Seinfeld. Woah Woah now, what does she have to offer..isn’t she just the wife of what is his name? Oh yes, Jerry Seinfeld. To my surprise she came out with a cookbook called Deceptively Delicious.

32/365: Deceptive Dishes

Lets hide those veggies!

This book is all about, getting the family to eat their daily veggies and fiber. They had her showing brownies with veggies and tacos with hidden veggies. How did she sell it to me? She had a classroom of kiddos try them and then after they said how good it was, revealed that there were veggies in it. I had to go out and grab the book and try it for myself.

First off you need to make your purees! She tells you everything you need to make them, how to prepare each veggie, and store them. It is a little time consuming but you should set aside a time each month and make a big pile and store them in the freezer, just grab one and pop it in the food.

I made the Noodle Soup and Tofu Nuggets for dinner. Both a complete…HIT! For the soup I had sweet potato and cauliflower completely in disguise. It looked like plain soup with chicken, noodles, and broth. Very tasty!

Noodle Soup

Noodle Soup

Let me say a little something about the Tofu Nuggets; they were VERY GOOD but hard to make. I had trouble getting the peas to stick and then trouble getting the breadcrumbs to stick to the peas so it wasn't really masked. But what they hey, everyone ate them up! Sometimes it is not all about the masking but how it is presented. Finger foods, I found, can be an easy thing to get the family to eat because you just pop it in.

Tofu Nuggets With Peas

Tofu Nuggets

For dessert I tried the Angel Food Cake Muffins (with squash) and Icing (with carrot). My muffins decided not to rise and I added too much salt into the icing, The muffins didn’t taste too bad and Ian ate them up..so I call them my muffin tops. The icing, well I just had to dump it. We all have our failures!

Angel Food Cake Muffin Disaster

Angel Food Cake muffin disaster.

For all you that think you cannot make homemade meals, I think you won’t have any trouble with this book. It is all made easy. You can even pop your veggies in some packaged meals if you are pinched for time.

You’ll enjoy all the comments and tips for a healthy way of eating in the book. I give this book TWO thumbs up and I for sure will keep on being Deceptively Delicious with my veggies.

Ian Eating Deceptive Veggies

Ian enjoying his tofu nuggets.

**If you are worried that these recipes won't taste good, head on over to Oprah's website and try a couple of them out yourself. :)


Allison Says said...

That sounds awesome! I'll have to look into it. I don't have to "hide" veggies very much here, but maybe once my son is a little older it could come in handy!

The tofu nuggets look really good! And it looks like they were a hit.

Jennifer said...

Did you hear that "THe Sneaky Chef" is trying to sue The Seinfeld's? She says they copied her book. I have both books :)

Autumn's Mom said...

I've been hearing about this book (and the other haha) I have a couple of picky eaters (one is my future husband!) I'd love to try some of these recipes.

Fiona said...

Wow ..u really can cook Lisa, anyway I also want that book! ...hehe its very hard to tell my kids to take green vege. urgghhhh..

Shelliza said...

my friend has that book and she says that the recipes are pretty good. From he looks of Ian, it seems as though your tofu nuggets were deceptive and delicious.