Sunday, July 13, 2008

Feeling Like a New Woman!

Finally yesterday I got to meet my new cousin for the for the first time. Since I have been living abroad I didn’t get to meet him till he was 6 months. Meet TJ..

My Cousin TJ

He is such a chubbers! It was great how good Ian was towards him. Ian would go grab toys and bring it to TJ and help him play. It was the sweetest thing. Ian is going to make a really great older brother when he gets a sibling.

My Cousins Hand

Speaking of siblings, holding my cousin made my realization of how much I miss having a baby really come out. I almost was holding TJ the whole time :-P Call me the baby hog if you’d like. Maybe in a few years but you all have got to help me make it that long!

My Cousins feet

Ian had a blast with his 2nd cousins and playing around with his great grandma.

18/365: Ian and his 2nd Cousin


My grandma is already teaching him to be like around all the time :-P Got to get them started early, right?

Ian Cleaning

Ian and the Broom

Anyways, they are all going to come back out this afternoon, so I can get the rest of my fix in. I wouldn’t let my Aunt and Uncle go back home till I got one more in. That pretty much sums up my whole weekend.

Ian Walking around with a blanket

Ian walking around with TJ's Blanket

Let me skip back to Thursday. It was time for me to make the plunge in having a different hairstyle. For most of my life I have variations of the same cut. I asked my hairdresser (my lifesaver!!!), what would work well with what I had in mind; which was something stylish, at my shoulders, highlights (my first time), and low maintenance (a must when you are a mom). She told me what she thought and we came out with this….

Me and my Camera and my New Hair

Just kidding (I just hate showing my face)..but here you go..

My New Hair Full On

I know I am not looking straight on :-P

My New Hair Sideview

The side

How do you like it? I am in LOVE with how light it feels and how stylish it looks. This Momma feels like a new woman. The one thing I will have to say is it will take me a little while to get used to the highlights.

Time for me to get off this computer and give Ian some outside time. Happy Sunday!

17/365:Sometimes you feel like being in the Trash Compactor

17/365: For reflections..reflecting in the trash compactor


Allison Says said...

What great photos! TJ is a little chubster! How sweet. I'm about to go spend some time with a young baby myself (3 months old, maybe less) and I know it's going to make me miss those times...even though they weren't that long ago!

I love Ian's hair! Those curls are SO cute.

Your hair looks great, too. What a fantastic cut. Looks like it would be easy to take care of, which, you're right, is so important for a mom!

Fiona said...

Ur hair really looks great Lisa ...

Autumn's Mom said...

You look gorgeous! Love the hair. and I love your pictures. The one of the baby's feet was cute. Wittle baby feet haha