Monday, June 30, 2008

Just Boating Around

As usual, I have been busy working my camera to the max and hanging with friends and family. It is crazy how much time this can take up. This week I have taken on the adventure of FINALLY getting my wedding photos sorted and picked before they expire. I have had enough people asking to see them already. You would think I would have had them way over a year but other things keep getting in the way.

Ian Getting into His Cereal

Ian got into his cereal and dumped it

Yesterday, we went took my parents boat out on the lake. It needed to be tested out for the season since my sister has friends coming over for the 4th of July weekend who are happily awaiting a boat ride. It started up perfect and Ian enjoyed his first ride. He wasn’t too interested in the enjoying the ride aspect of it but more the driving.


"How do I turn this thing off?"


"Grandpa, I want to drive!"

Is he the next Captain Red Dog Jr.? Wondering who that is? Well, it is a thing in our family. My dad had sunglasses back years ago with Red Dog on them and he always drove the boat so we call him Captain Red Dog. Silly, I know but cute!

How is my photog class and 365 going? Just grand but I just have one more picture to take for the squares assignment. I need to get it done but it is hard to find the perfect thing to capture. I have been trying, I promise! My camera has been going every where I go..even to the store. Obsession!


Assignment: Deserted..the sign says "Caution Congested Area'" but no boats out

Twilight in HDR

Assignment: my backyard

My 365

5/365: Summer Rain in the Car

Day 5: Rain on the way home


Day 4: Testing out my Dad's new mower

3/365: Craving Chips

Day 3: Craving Chips but I shouldn't


Shelliza said...


pixie4bears said...

Shelliza: If you have a flickr account, I can send you an invite.

Allison Says said...

What wonderful photos! Do I see little curls hiding under his hat? ;) Ian is absolutely adorable! I love that he just dumped all of his cereal out!

Seems like a neat class you are taking. I'm currently trying Hallie from 's photo class. Hopefully I'll learn something about photography, because right now I know nothing!

Hallie said...

Lisa, I love your pictures. You take some really amazing shots. I didn't know you were so talented with that stuff! I haven't been able to keep up with your blog too well lately because my computer was away being fixed. But it is back now and working well! Hah, oh, and btw Ian does need to start walking! Silly boy. He might just decide to up and do it one day - literally.

Fiona said...

Ian is sooo cute with his hat ... Wow!! u are really good in taking pix Lisa ...I love the twilight pix! Lovely ...

Fiona said...

BTW Lisa .. don't forget to post ur wedding pix ..(after u have sort it out of course.. hehehe) :p