Thursday, July 17, 2008

I can do Bokeh! But can US Air fly?

I hope you all are having a great Wednesday. Mine has gone alright. I think I finally have Bokeh photography almost down pat. A few days ago I took a picture of Ian

Ian and the Lawnmower cart

CU assignment for Rust

and noticed I accidently did it so I really tried for it today and shabam!

22/365: Please tell me that is lower than yesterday

Look at my Bokeh!

I think bokeh is going to be a must in almost all my photos. Very addicting.

Other than all my photographyness I have not been up to too much. Sunday evening I went out to see my cousin again. Ian had a blast sharing again and I got in more baby holding. haha.

Ian and TJ

Ian and TJ

Ian and TJ

My Grandpa, Ian, TJ, and me

Me, Ian, Grandpa, and TJ

Monday, my friend Hallie and I spent a whole day together fishing, eating a nice lunch, and movie watching. It was great to spend that time with her even if we didn’t catch a single fish. Not our fault if the fish just don’t seem hungry!

Time for me to talk about the news… This evening I was doing my normal news watching and they were talking about how US Air has started carrying less fuel in their international flights. They are apparently giving the pilots the options but are pushing them to ask for less fuel. Are they crazy? They only carry 45 minutes of extra fuel. Any less than that..well, I just wouldn’t want to risk my life on that flight. What do you all think about this? Scary? Instead of doing this, why aren’t we working more on fuel alternatives for flights.

Enough of me complaining, here are more photos for your viewing pleasure..

21/365: Cookies!!

21/365: Ian's first cookie

20/365: Loving my new earrings

20/365: A lady needs new earrings sometimes

19/365: My shadow telling me to take a wiff

19/365: My shadow telling me to check the armpits. Way too hot outside!

Ian Playing in the Yard

Ian Playing in the Yard


Allison Says said...

I don't know what Bokeh is, but I like that picture!

YES! That is horrifying! Why would they carry less than that? OMG...I don't even want to think about the horrible things that will happen when they hit weather and have to fly around to avoid it going out of their way and then running out of feul. Phew!

Ian looks like such a little boy holding TJ! How sweet. I still really love his's just wonderful!

Hallie said...

The pics of TJ and Crumps make me happy :-). I had fun spending that day with you too! Those fish were too smart for us to catch them...