Sunday, July 27, 2008

When You Know You Are Being Watched Over

It is hard to believe how lucky Ian and I were yesterday. We were headed on our way to my Grandparents home to attend a B&W company picnic for my Grandpa but we ran into trouble, literally. Going down the main highway, I saw this car make a turn around in a side street. Instead of stopping to look before she pulled out she just went right in front of me. This was the first accident I have ever been in so it really shook me up. When I got out of the car, checked the damage and the lady got out of her car I asked if she was okay, she was so then I asked for insurance information. This is when my stupidness came out…I wasn’t thinking (maybe from adrenaline) and didn’t call the police. So I got her information and we left.

31/365: My Car Accident Damage

"Hard to believe that this is all I ended up with"

When I started driving down the road that’s when I realized I should have called. So I pulled over and called. The officer said in VA if the damage is under 1,000 dollars, and you have left the scene then it doesn’t need to be reported. Blah..why didn’t I think to call so she could get a moving violation. No wonder she was in a hurry to get out of there. I guess this proves the story of my Dad, when he got into an accident he got out of the car and just started to walk right into the major highway..not even thinking.

My Car Accident Damage

I just keep thinking back if I didn’t put the brakes on when I did she really would have been creamed and also if I didn’t let up on the brakes when I felt the car start to sway we probably would have rolled over. Someone is really watching out for Ian and I. Praise the LORD!

My Car Accident Damage

Enough negativity..we still headed out to the picnic and had fun even though we were sweating bucket loads.

Hanging at the Picnic

"Ian with his crazy hair because I was putting water on him to cool him down"

Ian ate all the junk food he could possibly ever want. The great thing about the picnic is free everything. They have an ice cream truck on site and you just go up and get as much ice cream as you desire. It was great to be able to spend that time with my Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle.

Hanging at the Picnic

"Me and Ian"

Hanging at the Picnic..My Family!

"My Uncle and Grandpa"

Hanging at the Picnic

"My Grandma"

Leaving the Picnic

"Leaving the picnic"


Allison Says said...

Wow! You certainly are lucky that turned out so well. Phew! Glad to hear everyone is okay (even the woman not paying attention).

Sounds like a lot of fun! I love Ian's hair--it is just wonderful.

Kelly said...

Lisa - wow, I'm so glad you are okay. I love Ian's crazy hair, and his shoes!! He's so grown up now too.

Shelliza said...

I'm so glad that you and Ian are okay. Those are some crazy, winding roads you guys have in VA. I love Ian's hair. Looks like you were still able to have fun at the picnic despite what happened on yur way there.

Jennifer said...

OH WOW, I am glad you are okay!! It could have been much worse, I am sure~

Hallie said...

Why didn't you tell me you got in a wreck?!?! ...oh Lisa. Well I'm glad you and Ian are ok. And yes, it's really easy to forget what you need to do after you get in a wreck. Of course the person who caused my wreck drove away, not having to deal with anything, but fortunately the cops came without me calling because someone else called them for me. I'm proud of you for having control of your car as it was happening. It's easy to lose control really fast...

Fiona said...

Phewww ..Thank God U & Ian are ok ..