Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh for the love of cars..

Playing with toy Barn

The other day I took Ian to a local museum, Amazement Square, with my friends Tiffany and Hallie.

Tiffany, Hallie, and Ian

Every 2nd and 3rd Weds. are 2 dollar days, so I had to take advantage of that. Too bad way too many kids were running around so Ian was almost getting trampled but he still did really enjoy himself.

Big Puzzle!

Ian walking in the heart

29/368: Ian walking in the heart


We will for sure be going back! After that we had ourselves a little adventure. My car decided it didn’t want to start up so I called my Dad for help. For some reason my car likes him more than me :-P He was busy with work, so we had to wait awhile, and I couldn’t really keep Ian in the car due to the heat.


We spent our time watching the kids at the skate park, playing around with some things in the car, and checking out the scenery. A big thunderstorm decided it wanted to come up on us so I was praying my Dad would get there soon. Once he got there he couldn’t get it started (by this time my Mom and Sister had arrived to help me pass the time), so he sent them back to get the other car (since theirs was only a two seater), then 5 minutes after they left and before it started to pour rain he got it to start. Thank the Lord!

Playing In Car

Jumping around again, my camera filters and remote arrived yesterday! Jump for joy! I can’t wait to really try them out.

30/365: New Filters and Remote!

"30/365:Circular Polarizer, UV Protector, Warming Filters, and Canon Remote"

4 days till I go to the George Michael Concert..

31/365: 4 days till the George Michael Concert!!



A said...

Yay for George Michael!!! Can't wait to hear about that. Sorry your car took a poop :(

Autumn's Mom said...

geez, that's me up there...

pixie4bears said...

Silly computers!

Allison Says said...

Ooh! Have fun at George Michael!!

It looks like Ian had a great time. I love that photo of his little red shoes. Those are adorable!