Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Evenings at the Fair

25/365: Twirl Ride


I am loving Summer evenings! Tonight we went out to the local Fireman’s Fair, which helps to raise money for our fire dept. Seeing Ian look at the rides for the first time was priceless.

Ian amazed at the rides

He was in awe and wanted to see how they worked. He and I would finish riding the ride then he would be touching everywhere to check it out. It was hard to tell if he like the ride because he didn’t squeal but I think he did.

Ian's First Ride

Ian's First Ride

It was nice to be able to spend some time with my mom on the Ferris Wheel and the added bonus is we only had to spend 4 tickets on a 5 ticket ride and we rode for at least 10minutes! ChaChing!

Mom and I on the Ferris Wheel

My sister wasn’t into riding much since she gets sick on spinney things but I found the slide to go on with her. My first time hopping in a bag and going down a slide. It was a blast but didn’t last long enough.

Sisters down the slide

Sisters down the slide

Too bad I couldn't get my Dad to ride any rides, but he did pay for them and took the pictures of us on the Ferris Wheel and the slide. Thanks Dad!

Of course when you go to a fair you have to grab yourself a funnel cake (my Mom’s fav.) This is one of the biggest one’s I have ever seen!

Funnel Cake

Funnel Cake

Overall, it was a great evening and the time you get to spend with your family is the times you really cherish. I wish my Hubby could have been there though. Miss you!

Off topic (as usual!), it was time to get Ian some new shoes because little feet just grow too fast. It had to be the famous Chucks!

24/356: Ian's First Converse Shoes


I picked him up one in red for his size now and the one in the next size in black. You can’t go wrong with a classic shoe.

Speaking of things I got him, I picked him up a Wall-E shirt for $4!! It is not so much that he likes Wall-E but that his Mom saw the movie trailer and fell in love with all that mechanical robot cuteness.

Ian and his Wall-e Shirt

"Some of the front"

Now I can go up to Ian and say “Come here WALL-E.” Haha, I know I am crazy. Maybe it is the way they say Wall-E in the commercial with the emphasis on the e. Whatever it is. I had to bring my child into it.

Ian and his Wall-e Shirt

"The Back"

For all you keeping up with my 365..Here is one

23of365: Porch Spider
23/365: Porch Spider


quitecontrary1977 said...

that is a beautiful head of golden curls right there. I'm envious!

Fiona said...

I also wants the Wall-E tee for my kids... wargggghhhh (**sobbsobb**). Yup can't wait for Wall-E da movie!

Autumn's Mom said...

I got a Wall-E T shirt for our youngest son and he wants to wear it 24/7. Need to go buy a replacement before they are all gone!!! I haven't been to a fair in years...gotta love funnel cake! (or deep fried twinkies, gah!

Jennifer said...

the fair looks like fun.

rmgales said...

Look at those curls! He is a adorable! The fair looks like fun, and the funnel cake looks delicious.

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