Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wise Rich Industries

My Dad sent me a link on the growing market of children’s products and it becoming a great business for the industries. I couldn’t stop myself from giving my two cents on all this, so lets begin with you listening to the story yourself..

Yes, this is a great business for the industries because we are swayed into all the little non necessary items. So the wipe warmer and the twenty different kinds of strollers were discussed. Are these needed? Wipe warmers not necessarily, I have heard so many stories of parents receiving these but finding out how silly they were. Do our kids really need warm wipes? No! On to the strollers, I am a mom that has bought two strollers for the first kid. A little much you say, yes if our reason wasn’t that my first stroller didn’t work for the off-roading we have to do on an almost daily basis. I think when parents look into getting their first stroller try to look ahead and get one to last through all your kids and all the terrains you think you will run through. You don’t need one for jogging and another for the city.

Electronic toys were also discussed. We have a few electronic toys because I find them a joy for Ian while giving him a little boost on language. I am not saying these toys teach him language but just give him an introduction. Could he live without these? Of course, but I think in our generation it is okay to have a couple of these to treat your child. You can always keep them for each child you have instead of trashing them for the next big new item when you have the next one. Are a lot of toys necessary? In my opinion, no. Give you child a pot and a spoon and let them have at it but don’t let this hold you back from buying a few store bought children’s toys. It just isn’t right to take it fully away from them

On to the baby sign language and classes; do they really need these? In my opinion, only unless they are impared. Healthy children, leave them be and do it the average way. You would save yourself a lot of money for a college education for your child. So many generations before us have turned out fantastic and they were not put into all these fancy classes when they were infants. Let you child play and explore their world before forcing unneeded stress on them. Let children be children!

It was also discussed that parents are now having to decide if they can afford children. If you have a middle class income I think reusing your child’s first items and keeping out most of the unneeded extras, then you can make it work. You have to remember that most of the items are put out there to make you think you need them so the industries can make an extra buck. Keep the bedding minimal. I just have Ian in a bottom sheet and a handmade blanket because all the extras, as mentioned in the story, can just be unsafe. I was given a pretty conforter and pillow for him but it just isn’t safe and he doesn’t really need it. He sleeps just fine without it. Remember, your child just doesn’t need it all and will be just as happy with playing outside and having you give them a lot of love. Look into keeping that free diaper bag from the hospital, it really does work just as well as its counterpart, the 50-200 dollar bag.

Opinions over, I have a cute story for you. Last night we went to a local Chinese restaurant that we hadn’t tried before. We took along Ian thinking it would be okay. Nope, he was a fussy man and learned how to slide out of his highchair so we had to ask for our food to go after our starter. The employees were so nice and took Ian to visit around the restaurant while I finished my starter. My little man got an exclusive lucky is he!! They all wanted us to bring him back again, saying how cute he was and that he looked like a little doll baby. Ian sure is the little man of the house every where he goes! I For sure will order their food again, so yum!

Funny picture for today, Uncle Mike being silly:

Silly Uncle Mike

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Hallie said...

Haha, Lisa. You're cute. But you have some good advice. I always get scared that whenever I decide to have children that I will go all out and buy a ton of stuff! But I will try to watch out, and you can tame me down too, haha. I think my mom will go crazy buying things too, so I may not have to worry about it too much. Btw, on the topic of buying stuff for babies, I got Ian the cutest little outfit! I can't wait for you to see it. Is 18 month too big or small? Love you too!