Monday, April 7, 2008

Chocolate Stories

Yippe, I had a good weekend!! I got my chocolate orange slices made and they turned out so yummy or as the Swiss say, lecker!! I have just one complaint about them though, they are super sticky. The Sprüngli ones have a hard foggy coating of sugar so if anyone knows a way to get them like that hit me up! Here they are in all their glory

Chocolate Oranges

André also had to reenact the Chocolate Axe commercial so he coated his finger with the leftover chocolate. Sillyness at its best.

Axe: Chocolate Man - Celebrity bloopers here


I was going to use this chocolate bunny to coat the oranges…

Chocolate Bunny

200 Francs of Chocolate in all its glory

But I decided it was too pretty to open so I went ahead and used two of the “100s” of other chocolate bunnies we have. I think I am going to gain a little weight this month!!

So who is ready for it to warm up outside. ME ME ME!!! It is sad to say that this morning we have dabs of hail hanging about so that means it is Cold. I want to be able to run out side in my short sleeves and capris.. come on warm weather!! If you are living in the warm send some over my way.

I will end today with another funny. This is Ian stuck under his toy table. Yes, I am a bad mommy..but hey, it was too funny so I had to get the shot!



The butt shot!

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Hallie said...

Hahaha! Funny pictures of Ian under the table. I doubt it's the last time he'll get himself into that mess :-P. Those are chocolate orange slices look good. I would probably like strawberry chocolate :-P. We should have a party when you get back. You, me, Tiffany, Lauren, VA, Kirby, some other gals and we can all cook little finger foods. I should make a facebook event, hah. Sorry, but your cooking stirred up some good ideas... no pun intended!!! HAR HAR!