Friday, April 4, 2008

Splashy Splosh

Wahoo, It is Friday and I have all my school work for this week done! That means two days “off” for me and I sure need it, all this thinking has me sleepy 24/7.

Ian is doing well. I picked him up two Baby Einstein DVDs from a fellow expat here in Switzerland and he loves ‘em! They show different images of toys, puppets, babies, shapes, and patterns on screen in conjunction with music for the Beethoven DVD and different languages for the Foreign Language one. I think I will purchase the whole Set when I am in the U.S since they teach him things and work perfect for when I need to get to learning. I do not like sitting him in front of the T.V, but if it is learning and not too long I think it is okay.

I put his bath toys to the test and he loves ‘em too! He was in need of some bath toys because all I had for him was a Ship, which he loves. He is just such a super easy boy to bathe because there is never any crying. Do I have myself the next Olympic Swimmer? Maybe I am getting too far ahead of myself there.


Pasta Face

Bathtime fun

Baby Butt


Mohawk Perfection


Since I do not get many pictures of Ian and I, Mommy put the camera to the test with the Self Timer. I think I came out with some pretty cute shots and I had a pretty cooperative Ian. What is better than that?

Mommy and Ian

Mommy and Ian

Mommy and Ian

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Hallie said...

HIS EYES ARE SO BLUE!!! They are gorgeous. Haha, that pasta picture made me laugh. You're quite the photographer. So can I schedule an appointment for some pro shots of me and Kevin or something when you get back ;-)? Love ya