Monday, April 28, 2008

Can we say Rest?

I love sunny Sundays, when you just get out there and enjoy the warm weather. I finally didn’t have to wear a jacket! Andre, Ian, and I went out to Zürich yesterday to have a walk, sit outside to have lunch, and take Ian back to the park that we visited last weekend. I enjoyed myself a yummy sandwich while sitting on a bench but a group of punks, as I have been told that hang out in that area, were there and I couldn’t believe what I saw. One of their friends had a seizure while on the bench so they where holding him down till it was over then just left him on the bench and went about hanging out again like nothing had happened. It was so hard for me to ignore it but if I didn’t I would have been hurt. They are just killing themselves with the drugs, drinking, and smoking and I guess I will never understand it. It all is just so sad but I guess that is just part of a big city and you are always going to see people that have major problems and don’t care.

Anways, Ian is at Andy’s parents today and most of tomorrow so I can get a little break and get some school done. I miss him but it is nice to have some alone time. André and I are going to go out to Zürich tonight to eat dinner and walk around the lake. It shall be nice!! I miss the one on one time :) I will have a lot less mess around the house too..woot woot..I usually have to clean up after things like this..

Cleaning out the Sock Drawer:



He just loves to explore and drawers are one of his favorite things since he can dig. Less mess = more time for me. It is time for me to get back to school. That’s the one thing I can never give someone else to “look after” for me. :-P

Since I have no funny POTD here is Cute POTD: Ian going through a magazine

Playing with a magazine

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Hallie said...

Dangit, I just typed a long comment and then my comp messed up, yay...

Anyways, I will try to remember. Basically, that is pretty crazy what you saw at the park! It's unbelievable what some people will do with their life. You only have one of them! I'm sorry Ian didn't like your fries, they looked good though! I hope Ian's fever has gone away by now! You know that I will look after him anytime this summer for you. I have been having some practice with my cousin, Kara.
PS - I exchanged Ian's outfit. I got him 3T. I hope we can talk again soon. Love ya!