Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lazy Sandy Shell Eating Beach Days

Beach Trip 08

My feet almost in the water

Already mid-week at the beach and I just can’t believe how fast time here goes. Ian has taken to the sand like a kid to candy. Of course he took a taste at first but learned quickly that it is NASTY! He does like to take ocean crud and eat it. Lets see he has tried, seaweed, crab skin, and his favorite seashells. Almost as crazy as my husband who chases crabs down the beach... that is a sight let me tell you!!!

Beach Trip 08

Ian's first time in the sand

Beach Trip 08

Us all in the sand

I dipped his feet in the sea yesterday and he didn’t mind that it was ice cold. Maybe I have myself a water baby.

Beach Trip 08

Chilling in the bike cart

We have not been doing much, just going to the Tanger Outlets and I finally got my Husband to buy something other than a t-shirt and a polo. A sexy beachy button up top!! Yay to the power of the wife and sister-in-law.

Time for me to get off my breakfast butt and figure out what we are going to do today.

Beach Trip 08

The sunset from our deck

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Autumn's Mom said...

Hi Lisa. Looks like a nice vacation from where I'm sittin. Your lil guy is a cutie. Thanks for your comment :)