Sunday, June 22, 2008

Time To Up My Photography Skills

A few weeks ago a joined a photography group on flickr to help me learn more about the world of my Cannon Rebel XTI and photo editing. I am really enjoying it because it makes me pull out my creative side. I think I will start to post each weeks assignments on here to get all of your opinions. I want to be the very best I can be (and maybe fish for comments..hehee). So here are the past assignments and the one for this week:

Beach Trip 08

My High Key shot: My sister at the beach.

After Pet Sedation Procedure: Pet Pill Poppin

We had to take a picture of anything to do with pills. I wasn't very proud of this picture. I took another one but never submitted it.

M is for Music

Anything to do with M, So M is for music. I was trying to work on my lighting and direction of focus on this one.

For this week:

My Version of the Let It Be Album Cover

For anything to do with The Beatles. I used my sisters Beatles figurines and recreated the "Let it Be" album cover. I am actually pretty proud of myself on this one.

The Next Mozart

This is for Diptych which basically is: two related photos presented side-by-side as a single entity.

I have one more due this week ut have not found the right thing to photograph for it. It is to do "HDR stands for "High Dynamic Range". HDR images can be pretty wild to look at. The basic idea of an HDR image is to take multiple images of the same scene using different exposures. For example, take one with correct exposure, one over-exposed, and one under-exposed. The images must otherwise be exactly the same (i.e. you need a tripod or some other strategy to keep the camera from moving). You then merge the photos together using a tool such as Photomatix (you can download a free trial from this site)." -Taken from my photgraphy group assignments site.


3XMom said...

very nice. love the first one. Also love the what can I say about Let It Be...

Dawn said...

You are doing an awesome job with the your assignment! I love the Beatles picture!

I took a photography class awhile back. Then I got my new Canon 40D and I need to take it again! LOL

I have so much to learn!!

pixie4bears said...

3xmom- Thanks. A lot of Beatles fans out there.

Dawn- Thanks for visiting. You should get back into a class, it is way too fun!

Jennifer said...

wow, you are doing great! I look forward to seeing more photos :)