Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Days Happen So Fast

Duck, NC Sunset

Sunset infront of our street in Duck, NC

I know I have been slow in posting lately but the Summer days are keeping this lady pretty busy. We all made it back from the beach okay, but I do miss it. Hopefully I will be back next year. My Husband and I are going to try and plan a short visit to DC for next week. I live so close to there and sadly I have never even been there.

Mommy and Ian on Beach

Ian and Me at the Ocean

Chilling on the Beach

Ian watching the waves

On to other things, I went out to the movies last night with my good friend Hallie and her Boyfriend. It was so nice to get out and actually watch a movie in a theatre. Thanks Mom for watching Ian! We saw the movie Stop Loss and let me tell you..Depressing! It is about a man who enlisted in the army and had to serve in Iraq then came back and was told he was done but then was Stop Lossed (hence the movie title :P) which means he was told he had to go back and serve in Iraq. This movie really put a whole different perspective on the war.


Hanging out with Daddy at the Beach

On to a more happy note, notice those pictures above? Yes those are the long awaited beach pictures. I had so many to go through that it took me all morning yesterday to fix them up. Why do I have to be photography obsessed? Anyways, here are the promised Currituck Beach Lighthouse pictures.

Currituck Light House

Andy and I with the Lighthouse in the background (not my finest photo moment)

Currituck Light House View

The view of the Sound from the top of the Lighthouse

Currituck Light House

View from the top to the bottom

I am going to have to show you all my beach pictures in installments since I have so many. So keep checking back for my next post. Happy Wednesday!

Mommy and Ian

Walking around in the Lighthouse Park


Autumn's Mom said...

Happy Wednesday to you! I love the pic of your little one staring at the waves. The ocean is so amazing. I wish I lived closer. But I don't complain, cuz it is within driving distance :)

Fiona said...

Lovely pix Lisa .. can't wait to see the others.. hehe . Anyway I loves beach too ! But it's rainy season now :( ....