Thursday, June 26, 2008

And the Photography Continues with a 365

Wow, have I really not posted in 4 days? Time is really passing by a little to fast for me lately. Maybe it has been from all the picture taking. I was invited to join another Flickr group to participate in 365 picture taking. What is that? Well, you take a picture everyday for a year of something that has to do with your day. I just got started two days ago and it is really a lot of fun. It is like doing a photo journal. I hope that I can keep it up.

1/365: Parent Vs. Child

Day 1: Parent Vs. Child..sometimes you do what you have to do in order to get the dishes done


Day 2: Mother & Son "Workout"... We went to the YMCA last night so I could get in a workout but while I did that he was workingON his crying for mommy skills in the daycare.

I finished with my last weeks assignments for my photog class and have been given 3 new assignments for this week. We were given some really neat ones to do but it is going to be a bit tough for me… here they are:

Twilight. The sun is down but it isn't dark yet. I love these images because they can have sucha wonderful quality. The sky is still blue, but light from lamposts or windows is now visible. Our old nighttime rule: f8 8 seconds ISO 100, will very likely be too much light. yoyr camera may be smart enough to figure out the proper exposure, using a tripod, give it a shot. Other wise, start at f8 4 seconds ISO 100. Tag with CU amd cuweek11/1

2. Squares. We've framed with squares, had a square foot, and square crops, but here your subject should be squares. I'm blatantly borrowing this from They run a contest each week, and this is a good one for us. I hope you'll post there as well. From the wired assignment: square isn't just four right angles, it's a frame of mind (pun intended). We want you to run with this subject and show us the most interesting squares in your world.Tag with CU and CUweek11/23.

Assignment #3. Deserted. Take photo of an area that we typically associate with crowds when it’s empty. Tag with CU and CUweek11/3Assignments were copy/pasted from "Take a Class with Dave and Dave", with the 3rd one randomly selected from an older week, ;-)

What will I come up will just have to wait and see. I got to thinking the other night, if any of you are interested in joining the class I am willing to give out a few invites since I know some of you are interested in photography. Just let me know :)

Yellow Flower HDR

HDR attempt 1

HDR In My Backyard

HDR attempt 2

Some of you probably are wondering how my little man, Ian, is doing. He is well, but still not walking. We are slowly getting there. He will walk holding my hand sometimes but he still gets the jelly legs. Maybe because he feels that crawling fulfills his needs. Whatever it is, he needs to get with the program so he can be with the kids his age in church. Haha.

Have a great Thursday.


Anonymous said...

I love the "child view" "parent view" set! How true is that?! You deserve any break you can get...especially if it's to do something good, like the dishes! Sometimes I'll just put Alex in his "cage" and let myself read a magazine for twenty minutes.

Good luck on the 365! I've been pretty good about mine, but I don't post all of my pictures. It's hard to find the time!

Autumn's Mom said...

Love your pics. I wish you could have seen our twilight last night. We're here in California with all the wildfires and the sky is so hazy. Last night as the sun was going was RED. Like a little tomato in the sky. I'm going to try and remember tonight to get a picture of it if I can.

pixie4bears said...

Allison- Thanks for visiting! Good for you for taking that 20mins. Nothing wrong with that :)

Autumn's Mom- I would love to see a picture. Sounds crazy beautiful. I was wondering how the Cali people in my group where going to do that photo.

Jennifer said...

That shoe shot is great!!!!