Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DC By Foot but NEVER by Car

Washington Monument Flags

Flags around the Washington Monument

If you have ever been to Washington, DC you would understand what I mean when I say that you should never take a car into town. I have never in my life seen such crazy streets in the US. It was my first time driving in a crowded city and I had to be driving around at least 30 minutes just to look for a spot on the street in front of my hotel to check in. I never did find a spot and after turning on a construction one way street and having my car stall in the only lane available I was ready for the nightmare to be over. So to pass all the other driving horrors: Never take a car into DC. Enjoy the Metro system.

I enjoyed seeing all the basic DC things while there like the National Air and Space Museum, The White House, Capitol Building, and the Holocaust Museum.

Bird Looking at CapitalHill

Bird looking at Capitol Hill

White House

Of course, the White House

The two nights we were there we tried two of the best Restaurants in the area. One was called Lauriol Plaza which serves Mexican food and Jaleo which is a Spanish Tapas Bar. Lauriol Plaza was packed to the max 3 floors high but interestingly it was back in the area of DC which was nested with cozy quite homes so this restaurant looked out of place, but it was hopping with people!

My Lunch Cup..TAKE PRIDE

My cup at lunch

White House Flags

Flags at the back of the White House

One night after dinner we were looking for something to do to so we went to China Town and saw Kung Fu Panda. It was such a cute and funny movie! I loved hearing all the kiddies in the theatre laughing.

Rolls Royce Plane Engine

Plane Engine at the Air and Space Museum

Squirel at the WhiteHouse

A White House Squirrel

Overall I really enjoyed my time there and all the walking was really good for me even if my feet felt all the pain.

Sore Feet after walking Hours

My super sore feet

I recommend that you all visit DC at least once in your life.

I am back to the rest of my visit with my family and having my Husband here for his last week of vacation. I have to bring my cat over to have her stitches removed (she had surgery on her leg to remove cancer) then tonight I am going to try out a new restaurant that came in town called Dickeys BBQ Pit. Sounds delish!

My Cats Surgery Aftermath

My Cat after Surgery


Shelliza said...

Lisa, I'm so glad you posted about getting around DC. I was reading that traffic is horrendous and parking is very expensive. I guess we'll be taking the bus and footing the rest:) Also, I was wondering what setting you had your camera on. Your pics are beautiful. Do we have the same camera? Mine is a Cannon rebel 400d xti. Did you use an external flash? Well, enjoy the rest of your trip. Can't wait to hear more.

pixie4bears said...

Shelliza, I suggest getting a hotel outside the city like in Vienna, VA or Falls Church and taking the metro from there so you don't have to even have the car in the city if you are driving from elsewhere. Thanks about my pictures. I use a Cannon Rebel XTI norrmaly but since I am visitng my parents I am using their XT. I didn't use flash on any of them except the last one. You can actually click on the picture and sign up for flickr (free) and then click on the right side of the picture that says more properties and see all the settings for each picture..that is one reason I like flickr so much.

Autumn's Mom said...

I've never been to DC, but my fiance just went. He was staying with a friend in Virginia. The kids get the opportunity to visit next year with their class...We're going to do everything we can to get them there :) Hope your kitty gets better.