Friday, September 26, 2008

My Expat Gal Pals

28/365: A Walk by the Lake of Zurich
28/365: The Lake of Zurich

The weekend is here, well almost! This means another week gone by. Ian had a blast this past Wednesday visiting his little friends and so did Mommy. The children’s fair that I suggested we all go to turned out to be a downer.

A Walk by the Lake of Zurich
Sobia, Jenny, and the child she is a Nanny for
A Walk by the Lake of Zurich
Daugther of Sobia

There were only 3 stands and another which had an author of a children’s book. She read to the children while you were able to go look at stuff. My son was too young for that so he decided to pull books off the tables instead and try to escape out the door. Okay, so it wasn’t all that bad. I did get two books and a music CD for Ian and some English greeting cards (so hard to find around here) for me. We ended up having bunches of time left over, which allowed us to have a nice walk along the lake. We all still had a blast but now one of my gals is going home to visit family for two months. We expats have got to do what we have to do, but I will still miss the company.

A Walk By the Lake of Zurich

Tomorrow my Mother-in-law is going to take Ian so we can get some things done... like search for a new T.V. stand! Wahoo finally, we really need something that Ian can’t get into as much and a place for me to put books and my collectables. Going to have to be a big ole’ thing!!

Ian Hanging in the Stroller

Happy Friday!!


Kel said...

Happy Friday to you...hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I hope you find the tv stand you're looking for!

Allison Says said...

Hope you had a good weekend. Also, I hope you found a good TV stand!

Ian is cute as always. Love that black and white of him!