Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Making a Home Feel Like a Home

Is it really Wednesday already? Boy, how time flies when you are not having fun. Ian sure is keeping up well with his title of Toddler, one second I will see him on one side of the room and the next he will be on the other side sitting in the fireplace. Oh how I love my little man. Sorry, hard not to get a little sentimental.

Thoughts jumping again, I have been back into trying to get the house looking more like a home. I hung up the last of the signs we bought this Summer and it really adds a lot to the kitchen. These signs are just way too cute..

6/365:My Kitchen Signs

6/365: My Kitchen wall signs

I also put up the garden flag I bought back home (will get a picture today to post later). I just hope that no one decides to vandalize it because I seem like the only one putting up something in their shrubs. Fingers Crossed!

I have so much more I want to do to the home like get a full wall T.V stand. I really need an area that Ian can’t get into, a place to showcase my breakables, etc. Who knows when that will happen? I also have another set of pictures to put up. My nails decided to bend in the wall (hard concrete Swiss walls), so I need to get some holes drilled. Blah! At some point, right?

Anyways, here is the rest of my 365 for the past few days…

5/365: Cremeschnitte Cake

5/365: Cremeschnitte favorite Swiss dessert with sugar topping and creme layers.

4/365: Legotron aka Hammertron

4/365: Legotron aka Hammertron

The Hubby was playing legos with Ian and built a figure that looked like it was doing the MC Hammer dance so he dubbed it the Hammertron.

3/365: Ian with Daddy's Phone

3/365: Ian with Daddy's Phone


Autumn's Mom said...

I love those old signs. They add character :) Funny about Hammertron. We like to play around and add TRON to our last we are a family of superhero robots or something. (or maybe now, superhero legos! hahaha

morewineplease said...

you take beautiful pics, and he is sooo cute!

pixie4bears said...

Autumn's Mom- It is a lot of fun! Tron just sounds funny on the end of any name.

More Wine Please- Thank you! Also, thank you for visiting my blog! :)

Allison Says said...

Those signs are fantastic!

Good luck on your (re-)365! I hope it goes well for you. So far it certainly looks like it is! Love the photo of Ian with the phone. Those curls just make me smile every time...