Monday, September 15, 2008

My Week in Photographs

My blogging has slowed down lately. Why? Oh, I have just been busy with school, meeting other expats, and taking care of the family. Should I blog more, probably…just need a kick in the butt. Would anyone like a free shot? Haha.

So I am a whole week behind in showing you my 365. Hard to believe, but I have been keeping up with that and now have reached day 20! I am feeling proud.

So here we go (my week at a glance)…

Monday 13/365.. We went to have a visit with a lovely expat named Sobia and her two year old daughter, An'amta. We hit it off really well. We have so much in common like, meeting our Husbands online, photography addicts, love to travel, and have children close to the same age.

13/365: An'amta Playing in the Sand

Here is an extra of this cutie..

An'amta in the Sand

Tuesday 14/365..I was moody. PMS in full force (my poor hubby!!, thanks for staying positive). Oh how I hate love being a woman.

14/365: Feeling a little Blue

Wednesday 15/365.. My Husband and I were joking around that we wouldn’t live to see this full day due to the LHC (Large Hadron Collider Project) starting up in Geneva, Switzerland. I am still concerned about its outcomes..

15/365: I'm still alive!

Thursday 16/365..We headed out to meet my expat friend, Sobia, again and some others. Sobia and I were the only ones to show so we spent another fun filled afternoon with the kids in the park. Ian found it a blast to climb up and down the stairs almost the whole time..

16/365: Ian Resting in the Park

and to play "Where in the World is Ian?"

Were in the world is Ian?

Friday 17/365. My usual day around the home..lots of studying for my degree, which sometimes feels like a never ending process.

17/365: Hitting the Books

Saturday 18/365.. A rainy cold day here, so what did we do?? Play with dry ice in the bathtub!

18/365: Family in the Bathroom Fog

Sunday 19/365.. Another rainy cold day spent relaxing with my two men.

19/365: Sundays

Monday 20/365..Here we are at today. Another usual day at home for me. My Hubby found this drink at the store yesterday and I just had to try it because the name was just too funny. It actually is a pretty good energy drink despite the silly name.

20/365: A little Pimpjuice?

Whew! What a week, thanks for reading.

Happy Monday to you All!


Lu' said...

Thanks for stopping by. I can't stay because I;m at work and well... I love color. Orange and green being tops on the list. Pa is do green and has so many varriations of the color. I want orange shoes. Have a good day :)

Lu' said...

Oy, key errors galore when trying to sneak a blog at work :( Let's not even talk about my spelling when I don't take the time to double check it; oh well.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good morning Lisa, It is nice to meet you and learn about your family.. Your son Ian is so cute and I love his curls..Great shots you have done on your blog..

I will be back to visit longer, when I don't have to go to Curves for my exercise..

Have a great day . Hugs, Baba

Allison Says said...

Love the photos. Way to go keeping up with your 365!

"pimpjuice" is absolutely hilarious! And playing with dry ice? What a brilliant idea for something to do on a rainy day.

Kel said...

Hi! Wow, your doing the 365 - that is awesome and deserves major Kudos... As for the IT degree, it can be a little daunting (oh and I hated accounting) but you will eventually get thru it-I know this because I just did even though there were many days I thought the end would never come. hehe

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I really enjoy meeting new people. You have a really nice blog, I'll definitely be back!

Jennifer said...

Each time I visit your blog, I can see how much your photographer is improving--its always been good but I see improvements each time!! :)

pixie4bears said...

Allison: Thanks! and who knew dry ice could be so fun :-P

Jennifer: Really? I so happy to hear that I am improving. Thanks!

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog.