Monday, September 8, 2008

Why So Happy?

Just a quickie post for today. My weekend was a nice, enjoyable time with the Hubby and Ian. Friday night my Husband and I went to see the Dark Knight movie and to say in the least, it was very disturbing. I can’t get the Joker’s image out of my head taking the knife to peoples faces and saying “Why so sad?”. Why did they advertise this movie so much for kids when it clearly isn’t for children?

Here is a toy of the joker I received in a children’s cereal box:

The Joker Toy Without Texture

11/365: The Joker Toy

Even that is a scary looking toy.

Anyways, Sunday I went to the Expat Expo and gathered a lot of useful information and bought a few American Food items.

12/365: Ian @ the Expat Expo

12/365: Ian at the Expat Expo

Nothing better than a good container of cheese balls! Yum Yum. I found a Baptist Church that speaks only English. I think I might visit one day soon but they are a little out of the way. But as my Dad puts it, I’ve got to “go get my religion.” Haha. If they have the expo again I will for sure go. Even though it was so crowded we could barely walk or use the stroller and I had sweat pouring like a river, it was fun.


Ian playing with his book. Sorry so blurry, he was moving a lot

Happy Monday!


Hallie said...

Haha oooooh Lisa...

The Dark Knight was the most amazing movie I have seen in a while!!! And he says "Why so serious?" But yes some parts of the movie were pretty disturbing like half of that guy's face missing. Have you seen Iron Man? I think you would like that one a lot. That one is a little more appropriate for kids. Your soup looks yummy down below. Is there chicken in it? It's good you're getting some American culture while you're in a different country! Ttyl

Autumn's Mom said...

We had a pretty nice weekend too. I'm hoping we get out to a movie this weekend. Something lighthearted please! The Dark Knight was well done, but too disturbing for me.