Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Kid Rocks

TGIS! I am so happy it is Saturday, because I get to spend the time with my two men. Today we plan to go out to the park and have a light lunch. I am just happy the sun decided to pop out yesterday after almost a whole week of overcast, rainy, and cold. It still is cool outside but who cares because the sun is out!!! This also equals more photo moments.. doubly wahoo!

Ian Chilling on the fireplace

Hanging out at his favorite spot, the fireplace.

Jumping into my week this week, I meet with Sobia (expat mom) again and also another expat mother, Jenny. We had a grand time at a semi-local community children’s place. Ian really enjoyed it because it was a room full of toys and kids and I loved it because I was able to chitchat with the ladies while not having to worry too much about Ian getting into trouble. Next week I have it planned for us to go to a kid’s fair that I saw advertised online. They are supposed to have some kid’s activities, opportunities to buy English children’s books and learn about other things for the kids. Let’s hope it is as good as they say.

Ian resting in the park

I am going to leave out the 365 pictures (that are not Ian) this post and just show you some of Ian from the week. Have a Spiffy Weekend!

Ian with the Keys

24/365: Fun with Computers

24/365:Playing a computer game (toddler and infant games here)

Oh, and if anyone has an idea why my 17 month old boy wont take naps and wakes up 3-4 times a night now..let me know!

Ian being Ian


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Kel said...

Oh my...I think the first pic is adorable...just look at his face!
Too cute! Glad you had a nice weekend...

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

OHoooo.. the face and expression on your little man is amazing... so cute..I love his hair...all of your shots are super... Hugs, Baba

Aleta said...

Oh my! You have a beautiful boy! Adorable pictures!