Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcome to the..

Welcome to the weekend..wahoo! I have some pretty fun stuff coming up in the next few days. Lets see.. tonight I actually get to go to the movie theatre and see a movie with my Hubby, Saturday I get my Beans aka Ian back from his Grandma (although I have loved the break, I miss him soo much!), Sunday I am going to an expat-expo, and Monday I get to meet two English speaking Mommies and their children. Exciting!

I am unsure what movie we are going to go see tonight since Hubby is working a little late but none the less I am excited to just spend that time with him and my 2nd love, movie theatre popcorn..yum!

The expo should be interesting. I heard about it through a Swiss family forum I am subscribed to. It is a way for expats to connect with their city (sadly it isn’t the city I am from). They will have stands for doctors, churches, restaurants, stores, etc..and prizes and tons of free stuff! You can’t beat that. Plus, I can register for an absentee ballot. There is now way I am going to miss the big upcoming election. J

For the mommy meeting, I was going through another Swiss expat forum and found some ladies on there looking to meet other English speaking mommies. It just so happens one of the ladies has a 2year old daughter. Can we say perfect playmate for Ian! I am excited but hope that I will connect well with these women. We shall see.

For those keeping up with my 365, here are the pictures from the last 4 days:

7/365: In the Mood for the Noodle?

7/365: In the mood for noodle I made some :)

8/365: Hard as Metal

8/365: I am feeling so stiff and knoted in my shoulders lately so I thought this conveyed the pain I am feeling. (picture of the stove vent)

9/365: Swiss Bread

9/365: I am still eating the yummy noodle soup and nothing like adding fresh Swiss bread

10/365: Dirty Clothes..oh my!

10/365: Way too much laundry to do!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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Allison Says said...

How nice that you got to have a break--it will make seeing Ian so great! I'm sure you missed him terribly, though...I know I would!

Great photos. The soup looks delish! So does the bread.