Saturday, August 30, 2008

Time for a Fresh Start

I am proud to announce that I have restarted my 365. For all those that may have missed my first attempt or are not sure what it is, basically it’s a picture a day for a year. Why did I fail at my first time? Probably because my busy travel 5,000+ miles overseas has gotten in the way and so many other little details of life. I can do it this time and I have the faith in myself. So here you are..the first two days:

1/364: A little Polish?

"1/365: Finally got around to painting my nails since..well a year"

2/364: Ian Looking too Cute
"2/365: Ian playing with the curtains (still)"

Ian has been a busy boy, playing and getting into more trouble. Who knew that it was a full time job!

Playing in the Backyard

Playing in the Backyard

Playin inthe Backyard

Each and every time I see him enjoying him self and make that smile where all his face muscles get involved it brings a little tear to my eye. So precious!

Oh yes did I mention I have a climber..

Climbing the Patio Chair

Let me skip around.. I have tomatoes! Remember when I told you all about my first little tomato plant? Well it has gone from this..

Tomato Plant

To this..

My First Tomato Plant

and giving me a lot of this..

Tomato off my First Tomato Plant

Yum! Yes I am all excited over tomatoes but hey my plant survived my Hubby taking care of it while I was we both did good.

I am off to enjoy my little one..hope you do the same too!

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Kelly said...

I LOVE those pictures of Ian. What a little monkey he is too. good luck with your 365, that's quite a challenge. I think tomatos you grow yourself always taste the best :)
talk to you soon