Thursday, February 21, 2008

War on Mom

We finally know the date we can move to our new Casa de Steiger. I am so glad because it was taking long enough. We reserved the move truck for Feb 29 but can go pick up our key on the 28th. The time is quickly approaching!
Ian has wagged a war against Mom. Last night Ian said, “No MOM, I am not sleeping, you cant make me and I am going to play, pee through my diaper, pull all your appendages, scratch you, and make you feel the most miserable you have felt in a long time.” Thankfully after a few hours I got him to sleep for and hour or two and he woke up around 5 or 6AM this morning. Ian is being a big lovely stinker lately and wanting to get his own way 24/7 but this mamma is putting her foot down (as much as she can). I love him dearly but it is never too early to learn how to treat people.
My body is under war lately, not just from my scratching dear son but from myself. I cannot seem to stop running into the baby gate. It is out there to get me! Let me show my “war” wounds.


Ahh hairy scratch from Ian

Babygate wounds(yes those are my motherly stretchmarks on the right)

Okay so my little man has start to sharpen his chompers and this is how he does it… (so it was not posting so look in the post above)
I know I am jumping around today but I have so many thoughts just running around that I have to let out! Okay, so I have been trying to get together for what I am going to do for Ian’s 1st Birthday. I am going to undertake making his cake. I want to do a Winnie the Pooh cake with a little scene ontop. I need to find some figurines; I hope I can find some! This cake is going to be a big thing for me because I sure am not a cake decorator by any means. I created his invite yesterday, what do you think?


I am going to leave you all with photos of Ian from a photoshoot last week..

IMG_0774 copy



Can it really be that yummy?


oooo Mirror

(I'll show more next post)

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Hallie said...

Aww! Hes wearing the star wars outfit I got him! Btw, your camera is amazing.