Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One More Day!

It is Day 1 of moving tomorrow, yes tomorrow!! Finally the day is almost here. I am ready to get out of this tornado mess and into my next mess which I can finally put back in order. Last night our bed and closets were taken apart. That was the first time I have slept on a floor mattress. I actually kind of like it but it looks like a bachelor’s bedroom. So with that, I will definitely go back to the bed frame.
Tonight Ian will have to sleep in his pack-n-play since we will be taking his crib down tonight. I hope this won’t affect his sleep any cause mommy needs all the sleep she can get. I am feeling really rundown lately, hopefully the new place will be the pick me up I have been needing!
Ian has been more talkative lately. It is sounding like he is saying sentences but in baby language. Does this mean he will start popping out with more real words soon? Let’s hope!!

Two days ago I had the Oscars on in the background and caught Ian watching so I thought it would be a good snapshot moment and I happened to take the photo at just the right time..


What is George doing?

I must get going to clean up all the trash we have laying around. I will post a video of Ian doing his funny lip thing above. He pouts his lips and blows air,it is too cute (ignore my blowing and silly talking)

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