Monday, February 25, 2008

André, Ian, and I have been busy packing this past weekend and we tore this place up, literally. Think I am joking? Have a look for yourself..enjoy the tour!!

First off we are at the Kitchen..

Moving Mess

Please step over to the Office...

Moving Mess

Here we are at the Bedroom (a ripped apart closet)

My poor closet

See what I mean? I really can not wait until Thursday to get out of here and start working on setting up the new place. I am going to really enjoy living right above a grocery store. It is going to be my pantry and refrigerator. As I dream this is what I see..(start dream bubble)..“Oh hunny, we are out of milk”.. “No Hunny, we aren’t, let me go downstairs and get some.” Ohhhh how nice!!

We still have so much to do and we have to clean this place from top to bottom. Thankfuly my Mother-in-law will be coming over tomorrow to help cleaning the windows. It shall be an interesting time communication wise. I might need to pop up my translator online.

So, we are running out of food we can have for meals. I am finding myself munching on a oh so delicious Poptart for lunch which in no way a good meal for my “healthy diet” but you do what you have to do. We might need to call the pizza guy for the next few days..haha..we already had that for lunch and dinner last night. So far we can spend one night with a regular meal of spaghetti thanks to my Mother-in-law. What would I do without her? Oh yes I know, fill my body with various snacky items like my favorite, gummies!!

Well today I have another picture overload for you and a video!! You are all so welcome! :-P

Here are photos of Ian "helping" us Pack:

Playing in Box

Playing in Box

Playing in Box

Playing in Box

Playin with Sheet

Ian liked our bed curtains..this gave me the idea to use this for my next photoshoot, what do you think?

Here are the rest of the photos from the last photoshoot:

Star Wars Booty!


Is that greasy hair? Yes!

Yup, thats me

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Hallie said...

Good luck with the move, Lisa. That is so cool you will be right above a store. Your thought bubble makes me laugh, haha!!!