Thursday, February 14, 2008

Only the Highlife for a Little Man

Ian has been sure getting some special treatment lately. I bought him new shoes for his giganto feet. Yes, his feet are 4.7 inches long! These lovely shoes were purchased at the Jelmoli. Let me tell you something, that store is A-mazing!! It is about 4 or 5 floors of everything you would need, a one stop shop. This store has a range of things for the small budget to the “can spend whatever I want” budget. I was surprised how great the service was. They made sure the shoe fit perfect and spent about 20 minutes to do so. That is what I call great customer service!! I did not have a chance to look around at the ladies shoes..not even sure if I could find the area. I was lucky enough to find the children’s shoes section with my limited German skills. So here are the famous Ian shoes..

Here is Ian sporting them…

These will be perfect for Ian learning to walk and he does well in them and they are giving him no slippage. We need no slippage because he already has a huge knot on his forehead from falling 4 times in one afternoon! Poor thing, he still persists to stand and try to walk even through that all. A round of applause for Ian!!!

I also asked my Mom (thanks Mom!) to purchase a teether feeder for Ian. This is a mesh bag for which you can place whole food objects in and the child chews on t he bag to get pieces of the food out, therefore reducing choking. Ian loves it and it has the seal of approval from me! I like it because you can take it on the go and the food remains chilled because it has a chill feature. Whoever thought of this product is my hero!! Thank you Sassy!!

Show it off for us Ian..

I have much to do today to prepare my Valentines gift for AndrĂ©. I can’t explain it now because he reads this. Hopefully I can give you all the silly details in the near future. Good day and Have a Happy Valentines everyone!!!!!!!

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Lauren said...

I'm enjoying reading the blog and am glad you are putting pictures on as well.
Now Ian needs some chucks.